1. Reblogged this on helikaputo and commented:
    Most of the times when i see a light house, it reminds of the Hope that lies ahead in the midst of the life’s waves and endless seas. It also remind me of the story of the ship-men who so a ship from afar and commanded the captain of the ship from a distance to move out of the way. to their amazement the man on the radio refused to move. The Ship-men work up their Captain from his rest who commanded the ship in the name of the King to move but the Man on the radio from afar refused to move.

    The Captain of the ship was so annoyed that a civilian could stand to challenge his order and much more defy the order made by the captain in the name of the King.

    In his Last Command before they could resort to open fire the Captain said, “This is your last chance,move out of our way or suffer the consequence this is the Captain speaking.” The Man on the Radio from afar Said, “Stand down, THIS IS THE LIGHTHOUSE.”

    Certain circumstances persist because they save a purpose far better than we can ever Imagine.


    1. Thanks for reblogging. I used the lighthouse as a metaphor. The Lighthouse is a guiding light for ships, to avoid the rocks. If it is not working, then a shipwreck will occur. A lot of burden lie on the shoulders of those who work the lighthouse. I have heard your story before but it was in a version of a joke.


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