Brand Colour Swap

Do you think that colours are important? Do they make you identify a certain brand over others? What would it be like if some of the more popular brands switched theirs? Well, wonder no more as you take a look at the Brand Colour Swaps here and there.

Wait a minute ...

Wait a minute …

Moving Day Tips

Probably in the near future, I will be moving out of my current digs, tear the whole thing down and rebuild from scratch. So in the mean time, the only tearing I’m doing is — my hair. Ever tried packing 30 years of stuffs and moving, with the notion that you will be unpacking the same thing when the new house is done?

Here are some tips to help those who intend to do so, feel free to add some of your ideas too. Just in case I need help.

#1 Where is the end?

Toothpick on a Tape

Toothpick on a Tape

You can use a toothpick to mark the end of a roll of tape, avoiding the hassle of running your thumb over and over again to find the end. Other suggestions include, just folding back the end onto itself (cheapskate) or to use a coloured paper strip at the very end itself, to avoid being prick by the toothpick itself. Silly me.

#2 Clear Plastic Boxes

Get your hands on some clear plastic boxes while moving, especially when these clear boxes could do double duty once you’ve unpacked. They can be left in the store room as storage. Furthermore, being see-through, it allows you to see what is it that you’re packing. The downside to this, very bad to the environment. I think in the US, they have this rent-a-box service, that you can utilise. Not so in my country.

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