The Game

Last night, a local production team (ntv7) screened their reality drama entitled ‘The Game’ on local television. Dramas have never been our strong suit and there is a lack of good quality scripts and actors to fill up the roles. Yesterday’s attempt was seen as a breakthrough and hopefully it will inspire more directors or script writers to think of something new instead of the usual rom-com (romance comedy) or the boardroom struggles of an egocentric family.


The story is set in the present, 10 orphans from an orphanage planned for a gathering after 25 years since they were together. Unfortunately, a few months prior to the gathering, 4 died in gruesome ways and the killer was never identified. The remaining 6 decided to get together once and for all to find out who is the killer among them.

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Munich Day 1 (Part 1)

We arrived at Munich via the City Night Line at around 730am in the morning. “This place is huge!” commented the wife. It was indeed. München Hauptbahnhof has about 30-plus platforms, but there is one drawback, toilets cost €0.80 per entry!

We were a bit early, so we loitered around the train station and started our people watching. It was a working day hence the train station was busy with passengers. Caught one of the ICE trains in the platform. I think this would be a good place for rail-fanning.

We made our way to Hotel Condor which is one of a couple of budget hotels located around the Hauptbahnhof. The hotel was probably less than 400m away from the train station.

Toilets at München Hauptbahnhof costs €0.80 per entry

“There are plenty of casinos around this area,” noted the wife.

“Yeah. That is what the guidebooks say too.”

The hotel staff was quite friendly and efficient. We were early but they managed to get our rooms ready within half an hour of waiting. I think this is a family-run business, hence the quick check-in without the usual ‘follow-the-rules’ (check in after 2pm) type of hotels.

By 9 o’clock, we were up and about, walking towards Karlsplatz.

Tip: Use the underground station to bypass the busy interchange above.

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Two Armstrongs

I hope most of you haven’t been spending too much time on the moon. As we bring about this week, two ‘Armstrongs’ were on the major news headlines for 2 very different reasons. But they had one thing in common — inspiring a generation from their exploits. One set foot on the moon, the other faced cancer and won.

Lance Armstrong just announced that he would quit fighting the dope charges. It is a shame for him to be brought down to this level. Surprisingly, he was never found ‘positive’ on the dope charges brought against him. But as I read somewhere, it seems that almost all or at least a significant part of the top cyclists were found positive for various doping charges, so Lance’s impressive 7 Tour de France titles came as a huge surprise amid all the other drug scandals involving the other cyclists.

That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind

Neil Armstong passed away on the 25th of August. He will forever be remembered as the first man to set foot on the moon. By being part of the Apollo 11 mission, he has become a hero for all mankind. It is said that if you were to find yourself on a clear night with the moon shining bright, give it a wink!

In another sidenote, Samsung lost its patency lawsuit against Apple. If you’re asking what would be the outcome for the layperson, go here and have a read.

Amsterdam Gallery

View from the Canal (click to enlarge)

Smaller than Smart (click to enlarge)

Leaning shops of Amsterdam (click to enlarge)

How many different transportation can you see? (click to enlarge)

Where’s KY? (click to enlarge)

Panoramic shot of Magere Brug (click to enlarge)

For railfans! (click to enlarge)

Panoramic shot of Zaanse Schans (click to enlarge)








Robin van Persie & Season Preview

It has come down to this, Arsenal’s talismanic striker for last season, Robin van Persie has finally decided to join our perennial arch rivals Manchester United for a sum of £24 million. This was a shrewd piece of business by Sir Alex Ferguson, not only did he signed the best player of last season, he even bought it from another title challenger! Arsenal’s voodoo jinx of handing the captain’s armband to the player most likely to leave continues, although I have to say, Vermaelen would most probably be the one who breaks the jinx come next season.

After the transfer fiasco of losing Nasri and Fabregas last season, Arsene Wenger has wizened up this time around, signing 3 quality players before van Persie left. Although in reality he has already ‘left’ us since making that announcement in July. Unfortunately for him, United were the only suitors, no thanks to his ridiculous wage demands. If I am not mistaken, he doubled his salary by joining United. With Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski in the team for this season’s challenge, I am pretty sure we will be challenging for honours this season, domestically and continentally.

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