Star Wars Filmumentaries

This came a bit late but with all the hoo-ha about the newly-released Star Wars : The Force Awakens, this fan-made non-profit documentaries, should be able to fill up your time, while watching reruns of the first six episode, err…, make that 5.

Geek out time! (Warning: Each video is almost 2 hours long!)

Banished : Stonehearst (Part 2)

Having survived the first decade, Stonehearst burst into life in the second decade. Although the first few years of the second decade was kind of slow, due to the expected lack of babies (since only 1 newborn girl during the first decade).

This is what I like about the game, even after two pretty straightforward games in the previous posts, the game throws you a curveball with this lack of female genes, resulting in a stagnating population. But I had foresaw this problem and had my Town Hall up and running early. Unfortunately, it took until the Spring of 1613 before three nomads showed up. 3?!

With the lack of manpower, my Trading Docks went up late, I only had one until the end of 1615, before finally adding another two more.

The 3 Trading Docks.

The 3 Trading Docks.

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Banished : Stonehearst

OK, hopefully this will be the 3rd time lucky after I learnt a few things in my second game with the town of Ranson.

It is the year 1600, five families had just been banished from their town for being deemed as ‘cultist’, as the black magic fever gripped the country. They were forced onto three boats and were given coffins filled with stone. Hoping that they would sink to the bottom of the river and never to resurface.

However, luck had other plans as their boats got caught in the eddy and pulled up next to a serene lake. Having survived the rapids, the oldest of the group decided to start afresh and named their new town — Stonehearst. A play on the word hearse and heart. The boats were torn down for scrapwood and the first project was to get a Schoolhouse up and ready.

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Banished : Ranson (Part 1)

Well, after learning a few tricks in the previous game. And also finding out how to update a patch to the game on the iMac and installing a bunch of mods to the game, I back to start a new game. On the same map. (Map Seed : 19800415)


Before I start, I would probably like to highlight a couple of mods that I have added to the game. First and foremost are the ones that change the visual graphics of the game. I don’t want to see rain nor the indistinguishable seasonal changes. Added the Fountain Lite mod. I actually liked the full mod, but the icon changes and added items skewed the menu format.

Then I added an Apiary (bee-keeper) and a lettuce seed into the game. Things that hacked the game in which I modded was the road speed. Now walking on dirt roads will be 2x faster, and on stone (3x). Another thing that I modded was that schools can now hold 2 teachers.

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5 Things I Have Learnt Playing Banished

1) Build During Autumn-Winter

During this time, all the idle workers that you have around, will automatically switch to being Labourers for you to assign them to work and to build up any expansion you have, so that you can use them come springtime.

2) No Forester Hut Near Orchards

Maybe this has been patched out but I’m playing a vanilla Banished game, so this is a major no-no. Didn’t realise it until I found out why I wasn’t getting the harvest that I needed. The forester has been chopping down the Apple trees. Bad Washington!

3) Maximise Crop/Herd Yield

This I learnt after reading crop strategy online. Seems like the alignment/orientation of the crop field is a factor and so is the number of workers. The take home message now, despite the previous posts.

Pastures : 20 x 20 (only 1 herdsman)

Crops : 11 x 11 (also 1 farmer)

Orchards : 15 x 4 (1 farmer; orientated on a east-west axis or horizontally)

4) Gatherers Rather Than Hunters

Gatherers are better at producing food. Hunters will only hunt 6 deer per year. Max. Although they give you 200 venison and some hides, that’s all they do. I expanded with Hunters in my Devonport game, sad but true.

5) Trial And Error

Despite committing all the above mistakes, I manage to survive just fine, despite a rather lot of over wastage of resources. But this is the beauty of the game, there are so many videos, strategies, tip and tactics online, and yet, you can survive on your own without any help.

So stay tune as I boot up a new game, using the same map.