Q&A City Night Line

Sidenote: Yesterday the 14th of August 2012 was the Unofficial Internet Blackout Day in defiance against an unruly Internet Act that was passed a few months ago in our country by the Government.

Anyway, back to the main topic at hand. We left for Munich on the City Night Line train departing from Amsterdam Centraal. Here is the Q & A session with a figment of my imagination. (Q: The Interviewer; A: Me)

Q: Good evening there. Is this your first time on the City Night Line?

A: Hi! Yes, this is my first time travelling on this train.

Q: Where are you going?

A: I’m heading for Munich.

Q: Great! Can I ask you a few questions then, just to help out another fellow traveller.

A: Sure. Ask away. I will try my best to answer your questions.

Q: I see that you have for yourself the twin cabin. Could you tell us more?

A: Yes. I’m travelling with the wife, so we booked the twin cabin. It is actually double-decked bedding system rather than a twin-sharing bed like most hotels. We have our own sink with mirror and a foldaway table. The table is particularly useful for us to place our laptop.

The cabin

Q: Would you say that it is comfortable?

A: For the both of us, it was just nice. We had two huge luggage bags, but there is only room for one at the bottom of the bed. The other space is right above our heads. So we had do get some exercise done to get it into the space available.

Q: What about the other facilities?

A: Well, there’s no TV. The magazine that they have is in German. There is a shower and WC at the end of the coach. The best part is that they have hot water!

Q: Hot water? Interesting. Tell us more about the shower.

A: The shower operates in the same way as the sink. Meaning you have to press the knob and water will come streaming out until the knob goes back to the starting position. So it is a fight against time to get the whole bathing business done.

The WC + shower

Q: How was the journey?

A: From where I come from, seldom do trains depart right on schedule but for this City Night Line, they were very punctual. There wasn’t much of a shake while we were in our cabin. The noise level was also reduced to a minimal, which was tolerable. Another plus point was the morning (wake-up) call. They informed us about an hour before arrival, breakfast was served 15 minutes later and we arrived at Munich Hauptbahnhof right on time.

Q: Breakfast?

A: Yes, they gave us some sandwiches, biscuits and hot tea/coffee. Came with the ticket I supposed.

Q: Why did you choose the City Night Line rather than by flight?

A: As it was a night train, we would save a day’s stay at the hotel. There’s not much to be done at night except sleeping, so why fly? And it is much convenient to get to the train station, no check-ins or extra journey required. Most train stations are right smack in the middle of the city, as compared to the airports. More so if you’re travelling by budget flights.

Q: Thank you very much for the interesting opinion on the City Night Line. Have a nice day in Munich!

A: You’re welcome. You have a nice day too!




    1. I think you need to find the night train in your country. Usually they will come with bunkbeds. But for the CityNightLine, it was truly a unique experience. Bathing and morning call with breakfast. That sounds like a hotel!


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