Airport Tips For The Traveller

Or this could be titled as ‘Best Airport Travel Hacks’.

1. Seat Picking

An aisle seat will give you: one arm rest and toilet access.

Middle seat: Two arm rests.

Window seat: One arm rest, great views.

2. Battery Packs/Power Banks

Useful when you are stuck in a long transit and the free charging bays is constantly being used.

3. Book Flights On Tues/Wed

Depending on the carrier and on the flights, but generally speaking, it is a much cheaper option if you can fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

4. Catch The Red Eye

No more time wasting or catching up on sleep, sleep during the red eye flight and arrive fresh in the morning for the sightseeing.

5. Ribbons

Tie bright colourful ribbons on your luggage but make sure they aren’t dangling out too much, it might get caught along the conveyor belt.

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