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Hand Drawn Architecture

I have been waiting and waiting for the right time to post this and finally now it’s the opportunity to share with you to different artists living in two different areas drawing what we usually photographed about.

From Korea: Lee Me Kyeoung


Korean Convenience Store


Drawn by Lee Me Kyeoung

And from Japan: Mateusz Urbanowicz


Hair Salon


Drawn by Mateus

My Perfect Country

This is a (currently) 12 episodes BBC Radio programme called My Perfect Country in which they (the BBC) go across the world and delve into the different schemes and laws used by certain countries in order to solve their own problems which could be similar to the ones that are inflicting your country in another part of the world.

At the moment, they have done a few, for example: Teaching Mathematics in Shanghai, Gun Control In Japan, Cutting Poverty in Peru and many more. Tune in to find out more.

Penang Trip Day 3 (Part 1)

For the third day, we had to wake up early. Not because we had a lot of things to do but because we wanted to try the famous Paya Terubong Nasi Lemak. For those of you who don’t know — Nasi Lemak is a local dish in which the rice is cooked with coconut shavings, giving it an oily look and it is usually paired with eggs, salted nuts, sambal (chili paste) and anchovies. To have a fuller experience, you can also order the curry chicken or beef or any other meaty add-ons that will be offered to you on top of your nasi lemak.

The 'modest' stall on a motorbike

The ‘modest’ stall on a motorbike

A word of warning, nasi lemak is an unhealthy food to start the day off with.

This famous roadside stall (5.380154, 100.274847) sells out pretty quickly if you are not there early. When I was queuing up for the food, people were coming and ordering 5-10 packets each of this delicious breakfast. A word of warning though, this is an exceptionally unhealthy food. You need the GPS coordinates to find the shop, although I think they do have a permanent shop that sells the same thing all day long, but this roadside is the authentic version.

Save the Enviroment version

Save the Enviroment version

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Penang Trip Day 2 (Part 2)

The Blue Mansion

The Blue Mansion

With the rain still coming down, we headed off towards Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. This iconic bluish building was built in the 1890s, but was fully restored only in the late 90s before earning an UNESCO award in 2000. If you want to have an insight into how the rich used to live back in those days, this is the place to visit. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed and there are only tours at certain hours. The other alternative, is to stay a night in one of the rooms.

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Penang Trip Day 2 (Part 1)

We woke up to a gloomy and cloudy weather. A slight drizzle greeted us, but we shrugged it off, this was Malaysia after all. Nothing would deter us since we were doing mostly indoor stuffs today. First up, breakfast.

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng

When planning an itinerary, I would plot out the places that I would like to visit and then try to find good food around the area. Lucky for me, Georgetown Penang was an easy place to plan it to perfection. To start it off, we had Mee Goreng at Bangkok Lane. Parking might not be easy around here, but be patient and get yourself the parking permits. You don’t want to get a summons for illegal parking or for not paying the parking fees.

Tip: Get the parking permits early, if you plan on driving and parking around Georgetown.

Most Penangites would swear by this particular stall that sells mee goreng. Think of it as a fried version with thick ramen and covered with a special seafood (squid) sauce and you will not go wrong.

The same uncle since 2002

The same uncle since 2002

I visited this stall when I came here for holidays back in 2002 and it’s still the same owner till today. He’s an Indian but as with all Penangites, they do speak Hokkien (local Chinese dialect) perfectly. Heck, even better than I do.

A plate of Mee Goreng

A plate of Mee Goreng

You can have the spicy version if you want, but we were traveling with kids, so with had to do with the non-spicy type. The noodle is cooked perfectly, leaving it marinated with the sauce and to top it off with potatoes and fried tou-fu. A plate might not be enough but don’t worry, there’s another stall around here that will cover that up.

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