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Lepin Pet Shop

This is one of the discontinued sets from Lego when I started to realise Lego was producing modulars. I read about the Assembly Square and when I was planning to get the whole collection, I realised they have stopped producing the earlier ones, which led me down this Lepin path and now I have all the previous collections at 80% off the original’s price.

Why did I say that this was an earlier set? As you can see, there isn’t much interior decorating and it’s mostly empty or filled with only one or two pieces of furniture as compared to the future versions of modulars. It is also characterised by the minifigs as they all have the same original Lego smiley face. No other expressions at all. Everything is fine and dandy in this Lego (Lepin) city.

For this set, it is made out of two 16×16 units side by side, so you can separate them if you want. And you could place either one of them on either side. Or if you have the dough, buy a couple of these and fill up a neighbourhood.

There are only 3 pets on display in the pet shop, and the second floor living unit is pretty sparse. All in, this is a great set for display although there isn’t much going on in its interiors. But heck, I bought them for display, nobody is going to look inside the buildings to see what the minifigs are doing.

Potter Corner

This is a MOC published by Lepin. If I’m not mistaken, I think I read it somewhere that this MOC came in first in a competition held by Lepin for their new modular, after bootlegging Lego’s modular lineup.

IMAGE 2020-03-31 21:20:27

The set is called Potter Corner because the corner shop that you see here in brown is actually selling Harry Potter’s stuff. There are magic wands and owls when the shop is being filled up. I have no idea why the creator did that. But if you can, try searching for Brickative’s Bike Shop. There is an uncanny resemblance to that set.

IMAGE 2020-03-31 21:20:28

Next to, Harry Potter’s magic shop is a car repair shop. Unfortunately, the set does not come with a car, so you can just apply your imagination. One thing about this set is that the floor tiles are very intricate and you have to set them in, one by one. Which is quite reminiscent of the Brickative modular reviews I did earlier.

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Zhegao Modulars (Brickative)

Finally, I got my wish. Earlier last year, I messaged one of the suppliers of my Lepin modulars. I was wondering why they haven’t modded the Brickative modulars when they have added MOCs, especially on the Technic cars type. Their answer was simple, there was no market for it. Fast forward a year, a new company is here called Zhegao and their first retail line was 2 of the Brickative modulars. There is another company called Rael, who gave a sneak preview that they intend to mod all the rest of the Brickative pieces but the Covid-19 pandemic probably delayed that plan a little.

The two Brickative modulars that was copied by Zhegao is the Old Town Pub and Victor’s Lab. These two fit nicely into your modular city as part of the ‘old town’. To make things better, they came up with their own boxing method. Inside each box, there are three smaller boxes that hold all the numbered bags. The bags are numbered in big markings, no more squinting to look for the white numbers of the Lepin type. And they are usually bunched together in the boxes. So you don’t have to go hunting for a missing numbered bag in another box.

Old Town Pub

I started off with the Old Town Pub. The look and feel of the bricks are almost the same as Lepin’s. You would probably have read online that some users think that the colours are a bit washed out, but for me, anything which comes at almost 75-80% less than the original price, I’m all okay with dulled colours. These sets are meant to be displayed and hence they would be, whatever colours won’t dull the fact that they look impressive.

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Old Fishing Store

With all the news surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak, my government has imposed a 3-week partial lockdown and thus giving me ample time to build up my Lego city. Presenting to you, the first of the modulars that I built.

IMAGE 2020-03-29 10:05:36

This is from Bag 1, and as always Lepin delivers about 90-95% the quality of the original Lego. The only minor gripes I have is with the SNOT bricks, but once you stack a few together, their grip issues will resolve on its own. The base plate is also the cut to the same thickness as the original, as I recalled some reviews said that the Lepin baseplates are slightly thicker than normal.

IMAGE 2020-03-29 10:05:38

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Ninjago Docks + Temple

Possibly one of the most colourful sets that I have built so far. But then again, this was one of the newer sets and Ninjago is famous for its bright coloured bricks. After the hoo-ha of unnumbered bags, I had no such problem for the Ninjago Docks.

The set comes in 17 numbered bags, each different portion of the build comes within 4 bags. So let’s start off with bags 1 to 4:


For those with the keen sharp eyes, you will notice that some of the bricks appear warped. The base is actually made out of two pieces and what you see now is actually 3 layers of bricks — the base, a black/green second layer followed by the translucent pieces. So the combination of these 3, will make the edges warp. So do take note of that. Although I feel that this could be avoided when you add the Ninjago City set to the other end to ‘tie’ it down.

And there is plenty of repetition of the translucent bricks and please be careful on the orientation of the bricks, some are placed horizontally, some are vertical and some are just one square brick instead of a rectangle.

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Mill Village Raid + Diagon Alley

Although these two sets differed wildly in their themes, but I needed them for my diorama. Both came with unnumbered bags but since the Mill Village was simpler it wasn’t a problem. That couldn’t be said about the Diagon Alley set. I’m pretty sure this was one of the earliest set as the feel of the bricks were a bit different, the colours on the instruction manual differ a lot especially since each individual building uses a lot of the same colours, and light gray and gray looks almost the same. Being in unnumbered bags made it even harder.

Here are some of the pictures:


The windmill is hand-cranked, the mill is also set on a higher base which allows you to rotate the mill as you see fit.

These are two halves of the barn I suppose. Which you can open up to reveal the inner workings.


Possible the worst build so far, and that’s coming from someone who had the Millennium Falcon built. The reasons:

  1. Unnumbered bags
  2. Hard to differentiate colours on the instruction manual
  3. The feel of the bricks is different; I would say this is 80% Lego quality
  4. A lot of repetition in the patterns

The only good thing to come out of this is that if you plan to go down the path of MOC-ing buildings, you will learn a lot of techniques.

Hogwarts Great Hall

This is the review of the Lepin Hogwarts Great Hall. This box set comes with labeled bags so it was pretty easy to build as compared to the Millennium Falcon.

Quality wise, almost the same as the Millennium Falcon although I had trouble sticking on the ‘hair’ on the mini-figures.

photo_2020-01-15_09-42-17 photo_2020-01-15_09-42-36

There were a lot of repetitions especially for the walls and also for the latticed windows. Try not to press too hard, but all of them fitted well into the window slots.

As you can see, there is only one covered part of the Great Hall, the other half is easily accessible in case you feel the need to recreate the diorama. The retractable stairs is an interesting feature and it appears as smooth as it should be.




There is a boat included in the plan which was not in the picture, together with a ?snake, I forgot what it was called in the movies, in which I have it wrapped on the roof in the last picture.

Millennium Falcon (Lepin)

This is my review of the Lepin version of the UCS Millennium Falcon. I bought this set for about USD$160 (MYR 700) from a local dealer and boy, was it worth it. I won’t bore you down with the details, so here’s the complete version. Read more if you want to know more.


It weighs a whopping 17kg and comes in a big box which is divided into four smaller boxes. With Lepin, it’s called Star Plan, set number 05132. The numbered bags are from 1-17 and each number comes with their own smaller separate bags. The 6 and 9 bags are differentiated with a ‘q’ instead of a 9.


These are the bags sorted out by numbers, it does look daunting and considering this is the biggest set ever and also my first ever massive build, this will take some beating.

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Additional Info For Flashing v1.0 Sonoff T1

Here are some additional information on top of following the instructions in a previous article:

For the Sonoff T1 3 Gang (v1.0), to wire the FTDI adapter, you are supposed to connect to the 5-hole area on the right of the reset button. The nearest button is your VCC>3v, followed by the Tx>Rx, then the Rx>Tx and lastly GND to GND.

The order in which to ensure you enter flashing mode is to make sure all the connections are made PRIOR to inserting the FTDI into the USB slot on your computer. Once you do it correctly, your Sonoff T1 will be lighted up in bright blue.

Press the reset button, followed by the first button of the T1 (or the left-est), release the reset button and then release the first button.

You know you have reached the correct mode when the bright blue is replaced by a faintish background blue on the Sonoff T1 buttons.

Proceed with uploading the compiled sketch as per Sonoff 4CH.

Hackintosh-ing a Laptop

Today we will look into how I hackintosh a Dell Inspiron 5570 (i7-8550u) into a MacBook Pro. This is not a detailed guide as this is my first time doing so, but I will try to explain from a newbie point of view regarding the whole process.

You should instead check these out before attempting this process:

I have tried both process (vanilla or Olarila) and they worked. But YMMV, the easiest for me is with Olarila.

With that, we will proceed to download the RAW image of the macOS version that you prefer to be installed on your laptop. Take note that if you want NVIDIA graphic cards, then you need High Sierra, anything else and you can go for Mojave.

AMD CPUs are extremely difficult to hackintosh especially on a laptop, so try to avoid them as much as possible

Once you have the image downloaded, unpack it onto your desktop. Fire up the Etcher app and get yourself a 16GB USB stick. Before installing, format your USB stick to Mac OS Expanded (Journaled) + GUID Partition Map.

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 12.09.02 PM

Using Etcher, flash the RAW image onto your USB drive.

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