Hi! My name is Kuan Yew, I am a 30-something medical doctor, born and grew up in Malaysia. Currently employed and trying to heal people to the best of my ability. Cliché as it may be but this is what I love to do and I do so through the power of laughter. When I am not working, I can usually be found behind the computer screen surfing a variety of websites, gleaning information totally unrelated to my line of work.

I enjoy reading and there is something magical about putting your legs up with a book (not the electronic type) on your lap, as the hours pass by without you noticing. I have various interests which hopefully, I can present to you through this blog of mine, to show you what is going through my mind as I juggle a long list of things I want to do. I have a passion for all things Arsenal, minimalistic, travelling, savouring good food and amateur photography to name a few.

Currently I reside in Kota Bharu, a small quaint idyllic town in the middle of nowhere with my wife and son. It is no secret, but I am not a rock star, celebrity blogger, male model or anything spectacular on the internet. I just find myself to be an active guy with varied interests.

Hopefully, this short biography gives you an insight to who I am, if there is anything specific that you would like to know, drop me a line at: lastgentlemanintown at gmail.com


Last Gentleman In Town was started in 2012 which coincide with the auspicious year of the Dragon and will cover all (almost!) aspects of my life starting from this year onwards. I believe this blog will inspire me (and maybe others) to take a leap of faith into the unknown, although there isn’t anything much that is unknown nowadays.

It represents an effort to capture a smorgasbord of ideas and outcomes. That is to say, things that inspire me and things that I have done. Part sketchbook and part scrapbook. Much like the name of the blog, part ego trip and part feedback. Combine those two elements together, and voilà!

Any dream worth having, is a dream worth fighting for


    1. The pleasure is all mine. Nice to hear from a fellow Malaysian coming from the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Did I get that right? My geographical knowledge is a bit off from the lack of use.


    1. All you need is a good background picture, a quote that is eye-catching, some nice readable free fonts and Photoshop. Put them all on different layers, play around with the sizes and colours. Voila! Your own Rules of a Gentleman.


    1. Thanks for the endorsement! Malaysia is a really nice country, albeit a bit too hot and humid if you don’t like these kind of weather. Day in and day out.


  1. Love your style of writing. Slight confusion, however. You have a wife and son but in a recent post you highlighted you broke up with your girlfriend of 3 months…? *so confused*


    1. Hahaha! Sorry about that, the wife and son (now sons) is true. All other posts are fictional. If I’m not mistaken, I tagged them as ‘Written’. Sorry for the confusion.


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