5 Tips For Stress-Free Travel

It’s going to be the summer holidays soon, here are some tips I learnt (or read) to make sure you have a hassle-and-stress free holiday. If you have any other tips, please comment below.

#1 Plan it early

Don’t look down upon this boring job of planning the trip early. Early planners usually get to snag some good deals even before they have decided where to go. I usually start my planning a year ahead. Firstly, to fish for good ticket prices. Then it’s down to planning the details on your to-do lists. And a couple of months beforehand, time to do the packing list. You might have to go through those lists a few times during planning to make sure you are well-prepared.

#2 Pack light

Depending on your travel style, do you prefer rolling bags or over-the-shoulder types? Try not to lug around five bags while trying to find out which platform you’re supposed to be heading to. It ties in well with tip #1. Just pack the essentials, it might take a few trips for you to find out what you can live with and what you can’t. Most of the time you will realise that you won’t be needing that much, and most of the time, those that you need could be bought at a fraction of the cost wherever you are.

#3 Drink and eat well

Pack a water bottle and also some light snacks. You can always refill it at the hotel or in most countries around the world, they have drinkable fountains in which you could refill to your heart’s pleasure. We found it out firsthand while traveling around Europe. Staying hydrated is important if you’re doing a lot of walking around. And when you are hungry while looking for a perfect place to eat, chew on that snack bar. A hungry person is an angry person.

#4 Give yourself plenty of time

Think you can tour the Louvre in under two hours? Better set the schedule for four to six hours. Make sure you have plenty of time to be flexible. Things will definitely go wrong. Taxi delays? Long queues? Trying to make sure you stay on schedule is a stressor. Try to avoid that by planning a flexible timetable. Can’t go in the morning? How about rescheduling it into the afternoon or maybe tomorrow. Make sure you have time for yourself. Not to mention cutting it close during flight departures.

#5 Positive entertainment

There will be times when you have to wait for hours in between stopovers or long flight times, so try to entertain yourself. Learn to watch people around you. A book perhaps? Articles? Listening to the music on your phone. Do all that. And if things really do go wrong, delayed flights, wrong rooms at the hotel, remember one thing. Focus on the positives. You’re already on vacation. Find that silver lining. It’s easier said than done but you will thank me for it.