Hackintosh-ing a Laptop

Today we will look into how I hackintosh a Dell Inspiron 5570 (i7-8550u) into a MacBook Pro. This is not a detailed guide as this is my first time doing so, but I will try to explain from a newbie point of view regarding the whole process.

You should instead check these out before attempting this process:

I have tried both process (vanilla or Olarila) and they worked. But YMMV, the easiest for me is with Olarila.

With that, we will proceed to download the RAW image of the macOS version that you prefer to be installed on your laptop. Take note that if you want NVIDIA graphic cards, then you need High Sierra, anything else and you can go for Mojave.

AMD CPUs are extremely difficult to hackintosh especially on a laptop, so try to avoid them as much as possible

Once you have the image downloaded, unpack it onto your desktop. Fire up the Etcher app and get yourself a 16GB USB stick. Before installing, format your USB stick to Mac OS Expanded (Journaled) + GUID Partition Map.

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 12.09.02 PM

Using Etcher, flash the RAW image onto your USB drive.

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Home is …

What is home to you? This is a question posed to the public, and you might get tons of responses. A Danish energy company might just have the answer for you, in Mad-Lib style, insert what you think a home is for you and you will get a personalised video in return.

Hand Drawn Architecture

I have been waiting and waiting for the right time to post this and finally now it’s the opportunity to share with you to different artists living in two different areas drawing what we usually photographed about.

From Korea: Lee Me Kyeoung


Korean Convenience Store


Drawn by Lee Me Kyeoung

And from Japan: Mateusz Urbanowicz


Hair Salon


Drawn by Mateus

My Perfect Country

This is a (currently) 12 episodes BBC Radio programme called My Perfect Country in which they (the BBC) go across the world and delve into the different schemes and laws used by certain countries in order to solve their own problems which could be similar to the ones that are inflicting your country in another part of the world.

At the moment, they have done a few, for example: Teaching Mathematics in Shanghai, Gun Control In Japan, Cutting Poverty in Peru and many more. Tune in to find out more.