A Trip To Hong Kong (Part 2)

I was talking about Hong Kong food in the last post, today we will bring you for a walk and maybe some discussion about food in Hong Kong. I am not the adventurous type, so don’t worry, there won’t be any weird food photos. Please bear in mind that I last did this in 2006, so there will be some gaps in my memory and there’s not a lot of photos to share. Too bad really, at that time, the SD cards probably held like 128MB of photos and the cameras were of the 4 megapixels type. Maybe one day I will go there and re-do it all again.

Octopus Card

This is your go-to transportation-cum-debit card while you are in Hong Kong. If you have been using Singapore’s eZ-Link card, London’s Oyster Card or Melbourne’s myki Card then this is very easy to understand. It can be used on all public transport except taxis and some of the red buses. Convenience stores and vending machines also accept them too. A typical card costs HKD$150, with a value of HKD$100 and a deposit of HKD$50 (refundable upon return). If you’re planning to use a lot of public transport, then this is the card to get.

No, that's not the size of the card

No, that’s not the size of the card

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