Swiss Bliss Day 12 (Part 2)

St Gallen

St Gallen on a Sunday is basically a dead town, almost all the shops are closed. Except for the restaurants, even those they serve at a much later hour. I like this concept of a weekend, where the shops take a rest. Back here in Malaysia, there is no such day, the weekends is the time when all the shops are open for work. Certain shops will take a rest day on one of the weekdays but mostly it’s all open, 18 hours a day, all days of the week. Seldom do we see such a curious thing of having nothing open on a particular day.

Shops are closed, let the good times roll.

Shops are closed, let the good times roll.

We saw a procession of Volkswagen Beetles, the old type during our short stay at St Gallen. I guess that’s what the Swiss countryside is for. On a nice day like this, Sunday nonetheless, time to head to the hills!

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