Swiss Bliss Day 10 (Part 2)

Being the early birds in Lucerne helped as we managed to beat the tour groups that were coming in. While we were having our photos taken at Löwendenkmal, a few buses stopped. But by then, we were on our way to the next attraction which is just adjacent to the Lion Monument. The Swiss Pass covers entrance into the Gletschergarten and the Alpineum.

These two attractions are basically a trip towards the time of the Prehistoric Ages, showing how the area was once a huge big slab of ice which slowly eroded through time to give the area a place to build the city of Lucerne.

“Kind of boring.”

“Not really if you’re interested in the history.”

Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Actually, not much have changed to the Old Town of Lucerne as it was boxed in by the old castle walls, there’s even an old map to prove it.

Map of Lucerne

Old Map

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