Swiss Bliss Day 8 (Part 2)

Having had our fill of a late brunch. We were ready to explore Mürren. It can be best labelled as a village, and most of the people here are tourists, or Swiss from other districts. Most were here for the hike. For such a small town like this, there are plenty of places which you can hike to, depending on your level of fitness and experience. You could even take the gondolas towards the mountains — Schilthorn.

Wengen from Mürren (click to enlarge)

Wengen from Mürren (click to enlarge)

Mürren can best be described as the focal point. If the point of your holiday is to hike the nearby areas, this would be a good place to stay. High up in the mountains, fresh air and nice views. Our family’s fitness levels aren’t coordinated, so we have to go by the weakest link. Hence the lack of any strenuous outdoor activities.

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