Travel Accessories

Just a short post on what I would normally bring for my journeys. It is not a definitive list and I hope to add on to it as time goes by.

  1. Smartphone or just about anything resembling one, Ipod Touch for example. As long as they can function as a currency converter, GPS, translator and even the PDF that you keep as an itinerary.
  2. First aid kit, as long as it has band-aids, antibiotics, anti-diarrhoeals, antihistamines and some painkillers. Not necessary if you’re visiting cities as compared to the countryside.
  3. Swiss army knife or similar, your go-to device for blades, mini-scissors and screwdrivers. Just remember to check it before flying off. Some tourist areas prohibit such items too.
  4. Water bottle/canteen for rehydration purposes. It was particularly useful when I was touring in Europe as they have water fountains everywhere for you to fill up as needed. Free!
  5. Dry bags/Ziploc bags is a must if you’re doing any travelling by water. It also comes in handy when it rains, just remember to pack one big enough to handle your smartphone, passport and travel documents. Or you can bring along two.
  6. Travel adapter. This cannot be highlighted any further, with us relying on chargers for our phones, our iPads, cameras and laptops, it would be laughable when you fry them by using an incompatible voltage. I sometimes add on a power cord so that I can charge all 3/4 devices at the same time.
  7. Camera and memory cards. This still beats the iPhone anytime, allowing you to shoot more photos and share them once you get home. As for memory cards, bring along as many as you can, so that you can take photos of your Uncle Jim’s 118th scoop of gelato.
  8. Packing cubes or anything of similar function. To separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones.
  9. Toiletry kit preferably one that comes with a hook so that you can hang it on the door knob or the shower rod. Don’t forget to fill it up with soaps, cleansers, toothbrush, sunscreen and whatever you fancy.
  10. Raincoat. No matter where you are or when, you can be sure that there will be rain. Don’t forget to cover up your backpack too.
  11. Moneybelt for those who are paranoid about having their pockets picked. I find it a bit uncomfortable so I packed mine in a pickpocket-proof backpack. But if peace of mind is what you’re looking for, go ahead.


  1. Towel, preferably the quick-dry type. Saves you the effort of having to share or use someone else’s towel instead.
  2. Cutlery. For those of you who prefer to cook and eat in to save some bucks while travelling.

Anyone else with anything to add? Feel free to comment below!