Mill Village Raid + Diagon Alley

Although these two sets differed wildly in their themes, but I needed them for my diorama. Both came with unnumbered bags but since the Mill Village was simpler it wasn’t a problem. That couldn’t be said about the Diagon Alley set. I’m pretty sure this was one of the earliest set as the feel of the bricks were a bit different, the colours on the instruction manual differ a lot especially since each individual building uses a lot of the same colours, and light gray and gray looks almost the same. Being in unnumbered bags made it even harder.

Here are some of the pictures:


The windmill is hand-cranked, the mill is also set on a higher base which allows you to rotate the mill as you see fit.

These are two halves of the barn I suppose. Which you can open up to reveal the inner workings.


Possible the worst build so far, and that’s coming from someone who had the Millennium Falcon built. The reasons:

  1. Unnumbered bags
  2. Hard to differentiate colours on the instruction manual
  3. The feel of the bricks is different; I would say this is 80% Lego quality
  4. A lot of repetition in the patterns

The only good thing to come out of this is that if you plan to go down the path of MOC-ing buildings, you will learn a lot of techniques.

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