Hogwarts Great Hall

This is the review of the Lepin Hogwarts Great Hall. This box set comes with labeled bags so it was pretty easy to build as compared to the Millennium Falcon.

Quality wise, almost the same as the Millennium Falcon although I had trouble sticking on the ‘hair’ on the mini-figures.

photo_2020-01-15_09-42-17 photo_2020-01-15_09-42-36

There were a lot of repetitions especially for the walls and also for the latticed windows. Try not to press too hard, but all of them fitted well into the window slots.

As you can see, there is only one covered part of the Great Hall, the other half is easily accessible in case you feel the need to recreate the diorama. The retractable stairs is an interesting feature and it appears as smooth as it should be.




There is a boat included in the plan which was not in the picture, together with a ?snake, I forgot what it was called in the movies, in which I have it wrapped on the roof in the last picture.

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