Airport Tips For The Traveller

Or this could be titled as ‘Best Airport Travel Hacks’.

1. Seat Picking

An aisle seat will give you: one arm rest and toilet access.

Middle seat: Two arm rests.

Window seat: One arm rest, great views.

2. Battery Packs/Power Banks

Useful when you are stuck in a long transit and the free charging bays is constantly being used.

3. Book Flights On Tues/Wed

Depending on the carrier and on the flights, but generally speaking, it is a much cheaper option if you can fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

4. Catch The Red Eye

No more time wasting or catching up on sleep, sleep during the red eye flight and arrive fresh in the morning for the sightseeing.

5. Ribbons

Tie bright colourful ribbons on your luggage but make sure they aren’t dangling out too much, it might get caught along the conveyor belt.

6. Socks

Wear it with your shoes so that you can take off your shoes during long haul flights.

7. No Belts

Get through security checks faster.

8. Get Out Through Departures

Stay away from the crowds at the Arrivals lounge, use the Departures area instead. You can hail a cab easily since they are there to drop off passengers anyway.

9. Fragile

Bags labelled as ‘Fragile’ are placed last and removed the earliest.

10. Take Care

Following from the above tip, make sure your luggage can withstand a 6ft fall. And make sure to wrap the breakables in the folds of your clothings.

11. Cash

Don’t bring all your cash on you. Store them in roll-up socks, toiletry and amongst the folds of the book. Be creative. And if it’s possible, get two wallets, one for public use and the other with a lot more of the essentials.

12. Weather

Check the weather at your destinations and pack the necessary items.

13. Photocopy

Keep a photocopy of all essentials documents and keep them separated just in case you lose them or you got robbed.

14. Refill

Airports are famous for their overpriced stuffs. So get an empty bottle and refill at the drinking fountains.

15. No Instagoogletweetface.

Try not to post your flight tickets with the barcodes online. A lot of personal date could be skimmed from these barcodes.

16. Frequent Flyers

Sign up for frequent flyer or rewards programs. You will get more perks and benefits in the long run.

17. Carry On

In case of unexpected delays with your luggage, make sure you have all your important stuffs on your carry on. It is wise too, to have a change or two of underwear and clothes in your carry on.

18. Children

Get them snacks from home. Sweets for the air pressure change during the flight. Bring along an inflatable beach ball for them to play with. Take a group photo of them in their latest attire, makes it so much easier to show/describe security if one of them gets separated.

19. Jet Lag

Run it off at the hotel gym or better still, take a jog around your hotel neighbourhood, taking in the sights, restaurants, convenience stores and even bus/taxi stops.

20. Eat

To eat first, try to order the kosher/vegetarian meal. These get served first.


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