Banished : Stonehearst

OK, hopefully this will be the 3rd time lucky after I learnt a few things in my second game with the town of Ranson.

It is the year 1600, five families had just been banished from their town for being deemed as ‘cultist’, as the black magic fever gripped the country. They were forced onto three boats and were given coffins filled with stone. Hoping that they would sink to the bottom of the river and never to resurface.

However, luck had other plans as their boats got caught in the eddy and pulled up next to a serene lake. Having survived the rapids, the oldest of the group decided to start afresh and named their new town — Stonehearst. A play on the word hearse and heart. The boats were torn down for scrapwood and the first project was to get a Schoolhouse up and ready.

By late spring, the Schoolhouse was done and Damare had his first student, Clemmalee. The combined effort of the families resulted in having a Gatherers’ Hut, a Storage Barn and their first house built by early summer. Things were looking great, as the gatherers went about their jobs to ensure that they survive the first winter.

By the end of summer, a Hunting Cabin with two hunters and another house was completed. And good news for the young townsfolk of Stonehearst when Wintony was born in early autumn. The first newborn for the town. He didn’t have to wait for long when Furmandan was born a couple of months later.

When winter came, everyone managed to huddle themselves in the three houses, with berries, mushrooms and herbs to last. They used up all the firewood that very winter itself. But at least, nobody died due to the cold.

The perfect outpost

The perfect outpost

The second year was a bumper year for the 18 people of Stonehearst when they got their Forester Lodge and Woodcutter built, they won’t be going through winter in the cold. They also celebrated a wedding and a new house for the newlyweds. The hunters were also successful in getting venison and leather, prompting the elders to construct a Tailor and another Forester Lodge.

The winter of the second year passed by without any incidents. Food was at 2200 and everyone was well fed and happy. The herbalist didn’t have much to do. Clemmalee graduated school in the spring of the third year. And with another two newborns, the town was at a population of 20.

Having anticipated the growth of the town, two more houses and another Storage Barn was built. Since this was slightly further away from their main encampment, another Woodcutter was ordered.

The Woodcutter Outpost

The Woodcutter Outpost

The next few years was spent clearing the area to the east of the encampment for a future Trading Post and Fishing Dock. The town also encountered their first problem, no female babies despite having 6 newborns. It wasn’t until the 6th year that they finally celebrated the arrival of a female newborn. This posed a trouble to the town elders, who were by now, in their early 50s, who foresaw a problem in the near future.

A vote was taken and the town agreed that by getting the Trading Dock up early and getting the Town Hall built, would hopefully attract nomads to help out with the labour force. There were plenty of areas to be cleared but not enough hands to do so.

By spring of the 7th year, the Trading Post was completed and six months later, the first trader came by with a stack of squash.

The Town Hall and Market was completed in near record times and it was celebrated with berries and smoked venison in the summer of the 8th year. By now, there were 32 people living here and it was time to expand the food production with another Hunting Cabin and Gatherers Hut.

Town Hall in winter of the 8th year.

Town Hall in winter of the 8th year.



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