Banished : The Second Decade Explained

I forgot all about explaining what I did during the second decade while I was babbling about the game in the last post.

The Second Decade, as I have mentioned before, will make or break your town. Aggressive expansion in the last decade will start to pay off by now. But most of the time we might have expanded wrongly and this is where you play catch-up. I went for the Market and followed it up with Pastures/Crops. It seemed fine until I found out that the Traders don’t come stock with the necessary seeds/animals. That left me with a whole lot of unused space. Which necessitate a change in plans, I had to expand into the hinterland, with Forester Huts, Gatherers Huts and Hunting Cabins. Surprised to say, these bring in the most food than the Pastures/Crops which takes time. Not only that, if the farmer was away during the planting season, you don’t get to harvest. And if he’s not there during harvest season, everything goes to waste.

Don’t forget about Firewood too.

The next issue I like to highlight is the building of Stone Houses instead of Wooden Houses. There are pros and cons to both. Stone Houses uses up less Firewood, so you get to use them to purchase seeds and livestock. But on the other hand, it uses up your Stone and Iron stockpile. Don’t be surprise to find yourself running out of both while aggressively expanding your township. You might be asking me, why then do I expand so fast? Houses are required for couples to get babies. Maybe you can stay alive with the number of families that you have now, but if they don’t start producing babies, your population will grow old and soon you will find yourself without any workers. It’s all about balancing. And you need a lot of workers once the Crops/Livestock comes into play.

I’d give you an example, remember Herbertrude? The first baby to be born in Devonport? He lasted until Year 14. Yes, the ageing system in the game, is the only one that doesn’t follow real life. I think your people age according to the four seasons, a year for each season. So you will need to replace him in 14 years’ time. Say you didn’t build that house, and he doesn’t get born. By year 10-11 when your initial population dies, you don’t have enough youths to get into the workforce.

The Second Decade will see you juggle resources. You need enough of the basic to start building, and before you can do that, you need enough Labourers. Then when you start to specialize, i.e. Having Blacksmiths, Tailors, Farmers, each one of them takes up a spot in your population unless you want to flip them back and forth. The initial advantage that I had while building the Schoolhouse finally paid off as all my citizens are educated.

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below.



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