Banished : Year 6-10

At this point in time, your town begins to take shape and you will be wondering what to do next. Don’t fret. The later end of the first decade after being banished is all about expansion and construction of new buildings. This is the part that you need to pay attention to the most. It could make or break your town in the future.

Schoolhouse : Children are going to school and graduates are leaving.

Blacksmiths : Tools are required for the new graduates.

Tailors : To clothe the new members of the society.

Food : More people are required to fish, gather and hunt. But bear in mind that you need to have farmers soon.

Trade : Your source for new food and products. And you need goods to trade. It’s a barter system so no amount of cheating will help, there isn’t even any gold in the map for you to cheat.

Houses : More houses mean more babies; bigger workforce.

Basic resources : Time to expand the Woodcutting and Forester hubs.

That was really a mouthful right?

Those are just the basic requirements that you need to think about as you move along. Now you know how our forefathers felt when they first arrive. The game always make sure you have to think about the now and also the future. If you just focus on one of the above ‘core’ issues, you will soon have problems elsewhere.

For example: You only care about Food, when the time comes to expand your diet with Orchards, Pastures and Fields. You will find that you don’t have the necessary income to barter. 1 seed costs 2500 in trade value. In the early game, that’s about 625 firewood (4) or 850 venison (3).

1 seed; 2500 = 625 x 4 or 850 x 3

But you don’t have enough of either or you don’t even have a trading post set up.

The farming district.

The farming district.


In order to trade, we need to stockpile our goods. And the best thing to stockpile in the early game is the firewood and venison. Sounds easy? But it’s not. Firewood is also required by your people to survive the cold and harsh winter. Venison is required for food. That’s why you need to have at least 3 Forester Hut and a lot of hunters out there getting the goods for you.

Tip: If the trader comes and you don’t have enough to trade, leave the trade window and tab OPEN


Fields of gold!

Fields of gold!

How To Build

This might come at an inopportune time, when I should have said so earlier, but I just remembered. Instead of having builders all the time in the workforce, just open up the tabs of the buildings that you want to construct. Let the labourers clear the area and have all the basic resources FULLY collected before you switch a couple of your workers into Builders. This is easily identified by the ‘foundation’ of the building which will be in place.

So, for instance, if you want to have a row of 6 houses build, just make sure that all six of them have their foundations ready, switch to two builders and let them work on it. It’s slightly faster this way, rather than have the two builders clear, collect and build.

Ranson (the first Banished) passed away in Year 9.

Ranson (the first Banished) passed away in Year 9.


Now that we are up and about, people will start to die. And you must have cemetery ready by then. My first death occurred in Year 9. That’s the sneaky part about this game, like I said, you need to take care of the now and also the future. If you didn’t see this coming, you will be left with no cemetery for the dead.

And if you don’t have a labourer at hand to take over his/her job. You will be suffering. See how Hard took over Ranson’s job almost immediately?

Tip: Always make sure you have 3 Labourers free in the early game. As years goes by, you might need more.

End of the First Decade

Finally had my first trader, lo and behold — cattle!

Trader Joe

Trader Joe

The Map

The Map


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