Banished : Year 2-5

The main aim was to survive the first year without any deaths due to cold or starvation. Then we have to establish a good foundation for a nice city.

Town close-up

Town close-up

As you can see here, I’ve got 6 houses built next to the core industries of gathering food, chopping wood and the Schoolhouse. The building on the upper left corner is the Herbalist. In the early game, you need the Herbalist to ensure that your people stay healthy as you can’t just rely on them eating berries, nuts and surviving on potatoes.


Bear in mind that the game is forever changing around you and despite feeling contented with surviving the first year, don’t be lulled by it. You need to replenish your citizens once they get old and you can only do so by building more houses, for couples to move into and have some babies.

Now here comes the problem, it’s cyclical. More houses mean more resources needed, leading into more food required and et cetera. That’s why it’s such an addictive game and I have immersed myself into micromanaging the town as I move along.

The next few buildings that we need are the Blacksmith and the Tailor. Blacksmiths produce tools for your new school graduates and sometimes, tools breakdown for those at work. Tailors are required to turn leather (from deer hunting) into coats for your people so that they can last longer in cold weather and that they do not look naked in the game.

Those two new buildings at the lower left corner.

Those two new buildings at the lower left corner.



That’s why the next few years (2-5) are important. Mostly due to the amount of construction and future town planning. Here is where I differ from most gamers. Google the internet and you will find strategies on how to efficiently manage land but at the end of the day, you will have rows and rows of squares in a really efficient town. I, on the other hand, prefer a little aesthetic feel to anything that I build and that includes different sizes and plots of land. It might not be efficient but it will try to mimic the real world or at least, try not to be too boring.

Pastures, Fields and Orchards

Pastures, Fields and Orchards

4th & 5th Years

Around this time you should have expanded right to the waters’ edge and introduce a new diet for your citizens — fish. For that you need to build a Fishing Dock next to the edge and stock it with fishermen. As you can see from the picture above, town planning is key. Once I have cleared up the space, I make sure that I have earmark some of it for future plantations. This is where you can pause the game and mark out the territories as you see fit. Micromanagement again.

A new Forester Hut at the lower right corner.

A new Gatherers’ Hut expansion at the lower right corner.


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