Banished : Year 1

I got hooked to a new (2 years) game by Shining Rock Software — Banished. You lead a team of villagers who were ‘banished’ (hence the name) into the wild. From here, you need to set up your own village and make sure that they survive.


But it ain’t that easy. You need to manage resource gathering, make sure your people are well fed, clothed and have a shelter over their head. And these things don’t come so easy, and to add fuel to fire, you need to do so because — winter is coming.

Bam! So here I am with Ranson, the oldest member of the group at 18 years old. And we get plopped down in the middle of nowhere. Ranson, was previously from Devon but his family and neighbours were banished to this region, and despite all his misgivings, he decided to name this place Devonport.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.49.10 PM

Healthy & Happy

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.37.35 PM


Banished is basically a city building-cum-survival game. Trust me, it’s anything but basic. The Pause Mode will be your favourite tool as it allows you to plan out what you want to do before you even do it. As you can see here, I have the general layout of the town planned well ahead despite having nothing to start with. Once you are ready, you can unpause each building as according to your own priority and liking.

There are 3 modes of gameplay — easy, medium and hard. I have never played before so I opted for medium on a map (seed: 19800415), where we are surrounded by mountains to the north and east of the current view, and a river/lake to the west and plains to the south.

The first thing that you need to place is the Gatherer’s Hut, which will be the defacto food collecting building in the early years. This will also be located at a densely populated forest. In my first year, I collected berries, roots, mushrooms and onions.

But for this challenge, instead of starting out with the Hut, I started out with the Schoolhouse. Oh yes, you have children in this game and if they aren’t educated, they will be generating less produce in whatever profession that you have assigned them to.


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 2.59.03 PM

The Schoolhouse

The Schoolhouse was completed in Late Spring, which was followed by the Gatherer’s Hut (Late Summer) and my first house (Early Autumn). Don’t worry about Winter arriving early, as long as you have a house which is near to where your populace (15 on my map) works, they will take turns to warm themselves up in the house.

The next few builds are as follows :

  1.  Forrester Lodge (Autumn)
  2. Woodcutter (Late Autumn)
  3. Hunting Cabin (Winter)

Depending on your food storage, the Hunting Cabin and the Woodcutter can be in different order. Hunters will gather another food source which would also serve as your coats once you have the Tailor Shop. Whereas the Woodcutter will turn logs into firewood. Don’t underestimate the simple firewood, this will be your main barter once you set up your trade centre.


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.10.20 PM

Cayde and Shavonia moved in.

I got my children Gisseter and Marleigh educated as early as Autumn of the first year at the Schoolhouse. While Cayde and Shavonia moved into the house next door. They proceed to have a baby born in Early Winter. (Yeah, I know, what happened to the 9 months?)

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.25.28 PM

Welcome to the world, Herbertrude!

End Of The First Year

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.17.58 PM

Nice winter at Devonport (Year 1)


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