Leib Und Seele

We were hungry despite the bread antics at the market, so we headed right into the centre of Frankfurt. Kornmarkt 11.

This is not Leib & Seele

This is not Leib & Seele

“Is this the place?”

“Nope. This is Cafe Hauptwache, our place is just around the corner.”

“What will we be having?”

‘Wait and see.”

This is Leib & Seele

This is Leib & Seele

We decided to have a seat outside to watch the people go by their daily lives. Kind of like in Paris. There are only two things that you need to try in Frankfurt, the first one is their sausages and the next is the apfelwein.

Mixed Sausage Plate

Mixed Sausage Plate

This mixed sausage plate is good for two persons, so we ordered for four. And everyone could have a try at it. The sausages are pretty filling and soon enough, we had enough energy to last another whole day of wandering around the streets of Frankfurt.

“Where’s the apfelwein?”



This is the place to go if you have a craving for ‘meats’. Most of their meals are meats, pork or beef and in between. We only have stomachs for a meal, if not, we would have returned to check out the other dishes.


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