Movies in 2014 (Part 5)

Spoiler alert yet again!


Keira again?

Keira again?

An indie movie played by Keira Knightley who acts as a lady hitting her late 20s with not much in sight. Most of her friends are married and have stable jobs/family while she is still helping her Dad. She gets herself mixed in with Chloe Grace Moretz, a teenager who isn’t even allowed to drink yet. Imagine the chaos when you introduce a adult into a teenager’s life.

Those of you who are way past the mid-20s and into the early-30s would probably identify best with this movie. It’s immaturity with a big I. You’ve got yourself the degree that you wanted (hopefully) and you have a boyfriend, what do you do? Choose family? Choose your career? Or go sabbatical?

The only anchor for this whole movie lies in Grace Moretz’s Dad played by Sam Rockwell. He’s definitely been there and done that. The wife left him and his daughter, he’s a busy person. Runs a law firm. And he tried to connect with Keira. I guess it goes to show that there are no ‘cool adults’ left in this world. But if you believe in one, then this movie is just for you.

Left Behind

Please leave this behind

Please leave this behind

Initially, I wanted to skip this review but I had to write it down, no matter how bad the movie is. I’m sorry to all of Nick’s fans. He just can’t cut it while playing shows with apocalypse written all over it. Remember ‘Signs’? This is probably the sequel.

In this show, Nicholas Cage is a pilot on his way to London, he is in the process of wooing his fellow flight attendant, despite being happily married with a wife and two kids. This is a movie with Christianity values left right and center. So when his flight is in midair, something miraculously occur — people start disappearing. At first you must be wondering why this is happening on his flight, is he being punished for trying to commit adultery? Then as people all over the world vanishes, then you are slowly brought into the story. Those who are left behind are the sinners.

I think the directors try to project the ‘spirituality’ of the religion into the movie too much, starting with the newly-born Christian mum/wife played by Lea Thompson. I’m no Christian and probably that’s one of the reason why I don’t identify much with the story. Maybe those with religious views will probably have a much better idea of what is going on.

Apart from that, the show throws in a couple of cliches, in the form of passengers on the plane. And since he’s an action hero (he should stick to that), Nicholas Cage gets to fly the plane which was almost caught in a mid-air collision and bring it down safely, albeit with a lot of good luck, probably God decided that he has been punished enough, decided not to kill him as penance for his sins. Not that he has committed them yet.

Watch it if you have nothing else to do.

The Little Death

50 Shades of Kinky

50 Shades of Kinky

I know you have heard of 50 Shades of Grey, but have you heard of The Little Death? Answer: Orgasm. This is a kinky comedy movie that revolves around four suburban couples, who are living through different degrees of love/lust.

The first couple Maeve and Paul are contented with their relationship but she wants something kinkier. And during one conversation, she blurts out to Paul that she wants to be raped by Paul, without her knowledge, there were a few unsuccessful tries before a rather messy and an unsatisfying end for an almost-real rape attempt on Maeve. Kudos to Paul for having planned it all out.

The next couple Phil and Maureen has been married for years, Phil is unhappy at almost everything, even his wife. Until one day, he knocks her out with sleeping pills. And from then on, he drugs her and reenact his fantasies on her, dressing her up and talking to her while she was sleeping. This affects his job and he gets fired only to return to his wife, who is suspecting him of having an affair as she found various stuffs (which he uses on her while she was out) which wasn’t hers.

The weirdest couple goes to Evie and Dane, when they try to introduce role-playing into their lovemaking sessions. Initially it was working well, until Dane went overboard and started to take things too seriously in the role-playing, including scripts and he even took up an acting class. His fantasies soon becomes a serious issue for the couple that he even bought an expensive camera just so he could film them. I guess that’s what you get when you can’t differentiate the real from the make believe.

The funny couple goes to Rowena and Richard. Who are both having a ho-hum stable relationship until the day Richard’s father dies and he cries in front of her. This arouses Rowena to the point that she is willing to put Richard through the wringer just to see him cry and it includes lying to him that she has cancer, abducting his dog and keep reminding him of his deceased father. And they have a term for it — dacryphilia.

Tying them together is a reformed pedophile/sex offender Steve who goes round the neighbourhood knocking on doors and telling everyone about his past and serving out Golliwogs. He is often taken aback by the response of the four couples as they have other issues at hand, that they seemed to dismiss his past.

The ace up the sleeve is another silent couple, Monica and Sam. Monica is a phone operator for the deaf via Skype. One day, she receives a video call from Sam, who wants her to call a phone-sex operator and relay her answer back to him via hand language and non-verbal cues. This is the candid part as she tried to signal sexual acts back to him. Laughter ensues when he wants her to tell the phone-sex operator what he wants.

Overall, it is a great movie that deals with the sexual deviations/problems that most people have but yet too scared to seek help. How couples goes all out for their loved ones, just to satisfy them. Go give it a watch.




A sci-fi movie with fast paced action. We are introduced to Lucy and her good-for-nothing boyfriend who sets her up to becoming a drug mule in Taiwan. When the substance that she is transporting leaks into her system, she becomes a person with a heightened brain function. With her new found powers she starts to become smarter and retain information better until she becomes one with the world.

However, the movie isn’t that simple. First she has to get away from the smugglers and somehow try to retrieve the rest of the substance before it is being manufactured as hallucinogens. From then on, she chases and get chased by the kingpin’s henchmen, who served as kung-fu fodder bait for Lucy and her new found powers. Soon she can even communicate via electrical signals.

Morgan Freeman seems to be getting a lot of important roles with short on-scene times. Here he plays a neuroscientist who tries to explain what is going on in Lucy’s mind as she unlocks more potential from parts of the brain that we know nothing of.

A fun to watch movie with Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett Johansson. Enough said.

The Maze Runner

Hunger Games in a maze

Hunger Games in a maze

After the success of Hunger Games, now comes another book-related trilogy from a dystopian future. Thomas is the latest addition to the Glade, where a few other boys reside. They cook their own food, have their own games, sleep in their own made huts and have their own hierarchy system. His arrival coincides with a tour of the area and a few rules to abide by. He is also shown a wall which opens up and closes at certain times of the day, plus a memorial of sorts for the other boys that have perished.

On first look, you will notice that Thomas doesn’t intend to play by the rules. A few unsuccessful attempts at trying to ‘break-out’ makes everyone nervous and the camp comes under attack from Grievers, biomechanical spiders with a craving for blood. When the final attendee to the Glade, the first ever female, Theresa arrives, the group of boys go wacko. Fearing for the worse, they venture into the maze, trying for the first time to find their way out.

The action sequences are well played out and despite having no protagonists, another boy, Gally, begins to doubt him. Thinking that Thomas is the spy sent by whoever that build the maze, he goes all out to challenge his ideas. When Thomas manages to break out of the maze, they were ambushed and the story hangs there, hinting the possibility of subsequent sequels.

Watch this if you like having to wait for sequels.


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