Swiss Bliss Day 12 (Part 1)

Having traipse all over Zurich the day before, it was time to take a trip to the outskirts of Zurich. We took an hour’s train ride to find ourselves in the town of St. Gallen. Of all the places, we chose to come here because of the Stiftsbibliothek located in the Abbey of St Gallen. A UNESCO heritage.

Train station

Train station

The town itself is explorable on foot so pack your comfy shoes and prepare to walk your way around town. We were there early and since it was the weekend, nothing was open. We were the only visitors there. It is advisable to choose a day where there’s less visitors or be there pretty early because the Stiftsbibliothek is not bookable and it’s a first come first serve basis. And since it’s a really small room, they don’t allow to many visitors at the same time, nor do they allow photography.

Devoid of tourists

Devoid of tourists

“Why is it so famous?”

“It’s the oldest library in Switzerland and it holds at least 2,000 books and manuscripts that dates back to the early ages. Some are placed on display although we might not understand the written language.”

“There is one thing you should look out for — The Magic Square.”

Admission is CHF10 per person but it’s free with the Swiss Pass, which is why we took the trouble to visit this place.

Tip: Check out the magic square of 4×4, filled with the numbers from 1 to 16, which amount is the same when you add the numbers horizontally or vertically.

UNESCO Heritage (click to enlarge)

UNESCO Heritage (click to enlarge)

The rest of the abbey can be visited but as with old dated places, photography is not allowed. It seems that the flash from the camera could destroy the pieces in some chemical way. Or probably that’s another way of saying, “if you want to visit it, you have to come over here”.

Where are the people?

Where are the people?

(to be continued)


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