Movies in 2014 (Part 2)

Spoiler alert. Do not proceed if you haven’t watch these.


Who's this?

Who’s this?

Director Richard Linklater’s 12-year biopic-cum-documentary into a life of a 7-year old boy, Mason, as he travails life until his admission into college. Surprisingly, the show took only 40 days of filming but across 12 years, which is about 4000 days give or take.

I think we all could identify certain aspects of the movie in our own lives. How as a little boy he had to endure a divorce, then getting to know his new stepbrother and stepsister. Attending a Harry Potter movie. Discussing about Star Wars. Things that you could have done when you were at his age. And as he grew older, the influence of peers, hanging out, parties and eventually getting into college.

You could be forgiven if you couldn’t distinguish when the transition in between the years started and ended but if you look closely, you could see it through Mason’s ever changing hairstyle. The movie makes you feel like a voyeur peeking into a life of a boy as he walks through life and into early adulthood. For those who are interested in anthropology, this movie could be it.

Go and watch it. Experience it.


Mobile culinary treat

Mobile culinary treat

If you’re wondering why the name Jon Favreau is so familiar? It’s because he directed Iron Man 2, and together with co-stars Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson, they come together for a really simple feel-good movie about cooking!

The movie starts with Favreau’s chef Carl Casper being fired from his job after a really bad food review which went viral. Down and out, both personal and career-wise, Carl was forced to reinvent himself with the same thing that brought him down, the social network and his ex-wife’s ex-husband (Downey). Using Twitter and a reconditioned food truck, Carl managed to get by with selling tacos, winning back his son’s love and also his ex-wife’s blessings.

You could be excused if you find Twitter being advertised like there’s no tomorrow. Tastefully done? Or more like being forced down your throat? (Pun intended) Although the storyline is a little hard to believe, cuisine chef becomes taco-cum-sandwich seller? But aside from that, be prepared to be awed by the details and training needed to get a restaurant or even a food truck up and running. It’s no small feat.

Watch it with your family but prepare to have some tidbits nearby. I guarantee that you will be reaching for it real soon. Really.


What? Who? How?

What? Who? How?

Nerds everywhere should rejoice having seen this movie by James Ward Byrkit. For the movie to work, the viewer would have to believe in parallel universe. Meaning that there is someone like you doing the same thing as you’re doing now except maybe he’s typing instead of writing this very post.

Overall, the movie starts off with eight different characters but we are mainly focusing on just one character, that of Em, from her viewpoint. The day started out okay, with an imminent passing of a comet, these eight people get together for a dinner. And their relationships couldn’t be any juicier, you have the couple, the ex and her new guy and there’s the health nut, mingle between marital tensions and secrets amongst friends.

The initial first half an hour of the movie is all about the dialogue as we’re slowly introduced to the happenings in the lives of these eight people when suddenly the lights go out and their handphones stopped working. Everything is dark outside but is it? They see a light down the street and someone suggested to go and have a look. Weird noises and even weirder notes shows up at their doorstep. As the initial scouting party returns, they carried with them a metal box in which there’s a photo of each of them with a number behind.

That is when the seemingly normal film gets more confusing. Some of the photos were taken on the very day itself but the person has no inkling of it. And from their continuous dialogue, you can pick out that some things have changed. Pay attention to their dialogue and the things that the characters do, things like rolling a dice and even the type of plaster used for a cut. As the night carries on, the group decided to foray out towards the other house when they suddenly meet with another group that looks exactly like them except they are holding a different coloured glowsticks. (Remember my initial opener about writing and typing?)

By now, you would have guessed that they are being caught in a time-space anomaly due to the comet, that somehow, the house that they are in is now a gateway into other parallel universes. Things get even more confusing when Em finds out that not everyone in the house is from the same universe. And that they have mixed themselves up whenever they step out of the house. Only those that stayed behind are actually from the same universe.

We see the change in her boyfriend’s behaviour, as he is from another universe who is still in love with his ex. Seeing them together forced Em to finally step out of the house and from then onwards the movie becomes a selfish pursuit of her own happiness. She sees version of herself in other universes, some are oblivious to what’s going on. When she sees a version that she wants, in which her boyfriend is madly in love with her, she gathered enough courage to harm the Em from that particular universe in order to fulfill her longings. The things people do for love.

In case you’re wondering how many versionsĀ  are there of each parallel universe in this movie? The answer is around 5 million different possibilities. Six numbers, eight people and three colours gives you (6^8)*3.

Life is making you comfortable? Go watch this movie.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Damn dirty ape!

Damn dirty ape!

Ten years have passed from the first movie and humanity is on the brink of self destruction. Meanwhile the apes have progress (sort 0f) to learning sign languages and rudimentary English. The show follows the story of both the ape family and a human family as they come face to face with each other. The humans require electricity to live again, whereas the apes are adamant in keeping to their territory.

A good thing about the movie lies in its subtle message of not being trigger happy, as most blockbuster movies are all about the bangs and booms. Caesar is now looking for a suitable replacement as Koba is too crazy to be given the keys to the ape empire. Like humans, apes are also capable of treachery and backstabbing, making them almost as gullible as humans.

But there are still people-loving apes and ape-loving humans, giving a glimmer of hope that the next sequel might have a happy ending. But in this installment, apes and humans descend on each other with the same fury. Despite having the upper hand, the apes were divided in loyalty to Caesar and crazed Koba.

Since this is a remake of the original series, we could have guessed how the story progresses but do watch it for the sheer quality of the animation. The apes really look like apes, and as for the humans, they do look human-like too.

Edge of Tomorrow

Live. Date Miss Blunt. Die. Repeat.

Live. Date Miss Blunt. Die. Repeat.

Another sci-fi movie based on the theme for Groundhog Day. Live, die and repeat. In this movie, Tom Cruise plays a cowardly poster boy for the army, Major William Cage who was forced to be sent to the frontlines despite having no combat experience whatsoever. In a reenactment of the D-Day invasion at Normandy, this time against aliens, zero-experience Cruise managed to kill an Alpha alien by committing suicide. Subsequently, he wakes up alive with the day resetting itself.

It takes him a few tries before he manage to realize what is going on and he goes in search of Emily Blunt’s character, the Angel of Verdun. She has the same ability until in one of her multiple lives, she was transfused with blood, making her lose the ability.

Almost 60% of the movie is being shown over and over again, as Cage lives and dies repeatedly until he becomes an expert in tactical warfare. He has memorized every single move the aliens make and soon found himself on the way to attacking the mother of all aliens, the hive mind of the aliens. When he suddenly realized that this was what the aliens wanted from the start, to trick the humans into believing that they could in fact, win the war.

Once he realizes this, he embarks on an unprecedented route that takes him to the alien’s hive mind. Sort of getting a ‘one-up’ on the aliens, whom were expecting a major assault a day later. As with all Tom Cruise’s movies, he ends up saving the day, or at least resetting it to a day where humans are victorious.


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