Gifts & Games

It’s the month of the year when everyone will have to shell out for a gift or two. Yes, I’m talking about the month of December. Some of you might have gift ideas already but let me show you some of mine.

The Mystery League is the ultimate in party planning if you have the time, the space, the people and also the money. These people can help you organize a party game for 1-4 hours of fun. Who doesn’t love a mystery game with plenty of puzzle solving?

If your family is the card playing type, maybe getting a deck of these Space Cards will provide additional conversation topics back in the time when space travel was deemed impossible. With the latest cinema movies such as Gravity and Interstellar, these cards could be used to reignite that same feeling again.

How about letting someone pick the game for you? Need help? Look no further than the 2014 Good Gift Games guide. Plenty of interesting choices, narrowed down by Matthew Baldwin. The guide is now 10 years old.

Alone? Single? No worries, you can play Quartz. Try to get everything right without any help and learn more about the earth’s geography. Most of it are man-made but there are a few natural wonders inside.




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