Swiss Bliss Day 10 (Part 3)

Having seen the wedding ceremony next to Spruerbrücke, it was time for us to cross over to the other side of Lucerne.



It is not as famous as its counterpart — Käpellbrücke but it does serve another purpose back in the days of yore. Anyway, those days are gone and these bridges are now part of the tourist must-do list. Kind of sad but if you did take the one-day tour with a guide, you will learn more about the history of these bridges and the role that they played back in those days.

Another interesting thing to do while you’re in Lucerne, in which we hadn’t had the time to do it, was to climb the old walls surrounding the city.

Old walls in the background. (click to enlarge)

Old walls in the background. (click to enlarge)

As you can see from the picture above, it’s located just behind the bridge in the background. A climb from here and you could descent back new Löwenplatz, the site of the Lion Monument. So basically, the town of Lucerne is explorable on foot as you go to and from from one end to the other.

Sammlung Rosengart

Sammlung Rosengart

The Sammlung Rosengart

The Sammlung Rosengart

If you have an hour to spare, try to visit the Sammlung Rosengart, free with the Swiss Pass. It’s just a private museum made public when the Rosengart family donated their collection back to the city. Inside it, you will find various artworks and sculptures that after two visits and countless of museum entries, I have yet to be able to appreciate. This is really for those whose perspective towards art borders on the expert levels, those who can differentiate oil from paint, and those who describe yellows in shades that I have never been able to understand.

So with that, we end the half day trip in Lucerne, next up is the famous Transportation Museum.



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