Swiss Bliss Day 10 (Part 2)

Being the early birds in Lucerne helped as we managed to beat the tour groups that were coming in. While we were having our photos taken at Löwendenkmal, a few buses stopped. But by then, we were on our way to the next attraction which is just adjacent to the Lion Monument. The Swiss Pass covers entrance into the Gletschergarten and the Alpineum.

These two attractions are basically a trip towards the time of the Prehistoric Ages, showing how the area was once a huge big slab of ice which slowly eroded through time to give the area a place to build the city of Lucerne.

“Kind of boring.”

“Not really if you’re interested in the history.”

Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Actually, not much have changed to the Old Town of Lucerne as it was boxed in by the old castle walls, there’s even an old map to prove it.

Map of Lucerne

Old Map

Located inside the Gletschergarten is a small side attraction using mirrors. A small maze of sorts if you can figure out how to find your way out. Ever seen Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon? There was a particular fight scene at the end with the big bad guy in a ‘Hall of Mirrors’ setup, this is the smaller version, albeit without the bad guy.

The Alpineum is an even smaller museum mixed with a souvenir shop. It’s just a sideshow and since it was paid for by the Swiss Pass, we had to give it a look. There were only a few exhibits and that probably took up 15 minutes of our time. It’s really a disappointment and feels like a tourist trap. Showing only a handful of paintings and reliefs of famous Swiss mountains.

Mt Pilatus in the background

Mt Pilatus in the background

If you’re asking me for an opinion, except for the Löwendenkmal, the other two museums could be given a miss if you don’t have the time. Or if you don’t have the Swiss Pass.

Tip: If you don’t have the time, you can give the Gletschergarten and the Alpineum a skip.

Our next destination is more of an exploration of the Old Town. Starting from Hertensteinstrasse, all the way down towards the Chapel Bridge. In between, there are plenty of side streets that you could explore and with the shops now starting to open, we had a lot to do — window shopping.

One of the side streets

One of the side streets

We did a quick stop at Migros and bought our own brunch. Migros and Coop are two of their chain supermarket stores which sell ready-to-eat stuffs at really affordable prices. We had a small picnic outside Matthäuskirche and in fact, we weren’t the only ones to do so!

Town Hall

Town Hall

The Town Hall is located on Kornmarkt and from there, we made our way to Weinmarkt. And then something struck us as familiar, the drawings on the wall of the shop houses encircling the Weinmarkt. It was similar to our previous Eurotrip in 2012 when we passed by Oberammergau.

Weinmarkt (click to enlarge)

Weinmarkt (click to enlarge)

“Does it bring back memories?”

“What was that place again?”

“Where have we seen this?”




“Munich. On our visit to Schloss Neuschwanstein and Schloss Linderhof.”

“Yes, I remember that.”

We ended our quick 3-hour tour of the streets of Lucerne at Spreuerbrücke. There was a wedding event nearby and they released about 50 balloons into the sky.

99 Luftballons

99 Luftballons

(to be continued)


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