Swiss Bliss Day 9 (Part 2)

The Swiss are so blessed. Even on a landlocked area, with no beaches in sight, they have lakes. And, oh my, these lakes are so breathtaking. We are now in Lucerne and queuing up for a boat ride on Lake Lucerne.

“What are we doing?”

“We are going on a boat ride.”


“This is slightly different, we will be making a round trip.”

The Golden Round Trip will take you from Lucerne to Mt Pilatus via boat and cogwheel train.

Do not mistake this for the Golden Round Trip. That is for the Lucerne and Mt. Pilatus trip in which it combines a boat ride and a train up into Mt. Pilatus. Ours is a much smaller and less touristy-inclined trip. Just to take in the sights and to enjoy a similar experience as the Golden Round Trip.

There is also a legend that is linked with Lucerne. William Tell. He’s the archer that shot the apple off the head of his own son.

Lucerne from the lake. (click to enlarge)

Lucerne from the lake. (click to enlarge)

For the boat ride, sit on the left side of the boat as there is where most of the towns are located and also where most of the sights are. The other side is just miles of water. Our boat ride will take us from Lucerne to a small town call Vitznau.

This is how you enjoy life

This is how you enjoy life

“I know. We have been ooh-ing and aah-ing, ever since we started this Swiss trip.”

Taking this tour in Switzerland really opened my eyes to our own lifestyle. We are all so caught up in making money that we have truly forgotten that life isn’t about accruing the most, but it is about living. And the Swiss really know how. Not only that, they have the place inside their own country in which they could indulge themselves in. Mountains? Checked. Lakes? Checked. What else do they need?

The boat ride takes about an hour to arrive so just sit back and enjoy the views. You could sit inside the boat but I prefer that you rub some sunscreen and sit on the deck. You could also imagine owning a house next to the lake. Or better, a castle.

Lifestyle of the rich and famous

Lifestyle of the rich and famous

“Is that his own dock and boatyard?”

“I think so.”

If you have the time, my suggestion would be to check out the boat times and then make a stop at each of the towns along the way.

Lakeside on Lake Lucerne

Lakeside on Lake Lucerne

Vitznau could be described as a small village. No time for stopovers, the cogwheel train for Rigi Kaltbad leaves in exactly five minutes after the arrival of the boat. Swiss and their precise timing. Sit on the left side of the train too and you will get a view of Lake Lucerne and the climb uphill.

Look at the view

Look at the view

Rigi Kaltbad

Rigi Kaltbad is a collection of hotels, motels, backpackers inn and a spa. There was nothing much we could do here except to admire the view. Unfortunately, our bad luck with mountains carried over. The mist was just too thick for us to do anything. For the adventurous, you could try hiking uphill to Rigi Kulm, although my suggestion would be to do it the other way round. Downhill is always easier than uphill.

Tip: If the weather is misty/cloudy, give Rigi Kaltbad a skip and just head for Rigi Kulm instead.

Train into the clouds

Train into the clouds

To while away the time till the next train, we had a game of chess with the giant chessboard. On a clear day, I guess we would have much better fun.

Rigi Kulm

There’s less to see up at Rigi Kulm but if you have the energy, climb to the radio tower at the top of Rigi Kulm. There’s even steps for you to climb up the tower if you’re not afraid of heights. It’s a steep climb but there are two paths, the longer path is less steep but it goes around the hill before ascending. The shorter route is quicker but taxing on the knees.

Lucerne to Rigi Kulm is covered totally by the Swiss Pass.

On a clear day, there are plenty of things to see, including the seven lakes that surrounds Rigi Kulm. This is also one of the reason why Lucerne-Rigi Kulm is a much better alternative than the Golden Round Trip. Not to mention that the whole trip is covered by the Swiss Pass. You need to pay extra for Mount Pilatus.

Look at the clouds (click to enlarge)

Look at the clouds (click to enlarge)

(to be continued)


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