Swiss Bliss Day 9 (Part 1)

I have been gushing about the Swiss Transport System since Day 1 itself and it’s already nine days into the current trip.

“I think we have enough of the superlatives,” said the wife.

“Yeah.” echoed the rest of the family.

What can I say? It is really that convenient. Any decent, respectable country should have a good train system. With multiple trains at different times going through some of the same routes or even through different routes to get to the same place. So you will never take the same journey twice. How great would that be?

Train ride in Switzerland

Train ride in Switzerland

We woke up early as usual just to catch the earliest direct train with the least amount of stops to Lucerne from Interlaken. The beauty with the trains is that if you missed one, there will be another that follows shortly. Not more than an hour’s wait. So you can be very punctual with your traveling or you could go with the flow and see what the day’s trains will take you.

The Swiss trains are very comfortable and more often then not, quite quiet. Most people would just get a book out and read or get some sleep, but my suggestion — Keep your eyes open!

Keep your eyes open while on the train. Look out the windows!

“Where do we have to sit?”

“On the RIGHT side of the train, please.”


“That’s where most of the views are.”

Catching the sun!

Catching the sun!

Everyone steps on the train without having their ticket checked. The conductor will come by soon enough to get yours checked, so don’t worry about it. Just sit back and glue your eyes on the window. Sitting on the right side would give you a view of the other lake — Brienzersee. Looking at the rows and rows of houses hugging the lake, makes you feel like you just want to step off the train and stay there. Enjoying the views of the lake and the mountains opposite it.

This. This. THIS!

This. This. THIS!

“Now wouldn’t you want to stay here?”

Having just completed Season 3 of the Game of Thrones (this was in 2013) prior to coming for this trip. If you’re a fan, then maybe you’ll be impressed with this ‘wall’. A thing of such majestic size would be able to stop anything, even the winter from coming.

Look at the wall

Look at the wall

The most significant stop during this train journey from Interlaken to Lucerne, is Meiringen. The geeks amongst my readers would immediately recognize the significance of this place. Near to it lies the Reichenbachfall, it is the place where Sherlock Holmes fell to his death with his archenemy. Other than that, you can travel into the mountains using Meiringen as the base.

Meiringen Train Station

Meiringen Train Station

If I were to be a local here in Switzerland, when I’m bored, I would most likely take a train ride and explore some of the small villages dotted along the way. You might never know what you will find or experience. I think most Swiss people do the same too. Since those that we found on our coach, were all wearing hiking boots. A day of hiking around any small village would be more than enough. Especially so since you could explore your own country.

“Any examples?”

Lungern (click to enlarge)

Lungern (click to enlarge)

Giswil (click to enlarge)

Giswil (click to enlarge)

After a two hour journey by train, we arrive at Lucerne. Our second last stop for our Swiss Bliss. Hotel check-in was quick and we were soon out and about. Stay tuned!

Arch outside Lucerne's train station

Arch outside Lucerne’s train station

(to be continued)



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