Mini Metro

Looking for a simple, yet addictive game to while away your time while doing nothing on your desktop? Instead of watching YouTube, try playing Mini Metro by DinoPoloClub. Just connect the dots on your screen and transfer the various shapes as you would on the Tube, the Underground, the Metro, the MTR, the MRT and etc. Once every week, there will be available upgrades in the form of extra lines, bigger stations and tunnels. Make your choice and try to beat the game.

My best effort so far!

My best effort so far!

You lose the game when the waiting time is too long or that you failed to connect one of the stations. The number on the bottom right corner is the number of successful transfers, or you could say that’s your points total. There’s only one thing bad about this game, it is a game that’s design to make sure you lose.

If you’re really really interested, you could pre-order the game. The developers are trying to market the game on all platforms.


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