Hong La Qiao Steamboat

If you’re ever in the Bukit Bintang/Berjaya Times Square area and you’re looking for a nice steamboat, you can always turn to Hong La Qiao or literally translated as ‘Red Chilli’. The red chilli is usually the hotter version. So I think you could expect what you’re about to be eating.

The 'mixed' version

The ‘mixed’ version

Having a ‘mixed’ version as a start would be the recommended choice. So if you find the spicy-ness too much to handle, you could always finish it off with the clear soup. Noticed the darker colour and the amount of oil on the hotter side? Surely not a place for you if you’re planning to handle your calories like an accountant.

Once it starts cooking

Once it starts cooking

If you’re lacking ideas you could always go for their set menu, which is also not recommended. I think it’s better if you just order a la carte. Whatever that you feel like eating. A few of my suggestions: beef slices, pork slices, fishball, tofu, crab stick, fish fillet and some vegetables. First, start off with the clear fluid to enjoy the soup and the taste of the dishes because once you take the spicy version, your tongue would be numbed by the chilli and you won’t taste anything after that. I would also suggest two different bowls so that you don’t mix up your soup.



The place is slightly expensive than your usual steamboat fare. It came up to around RM40 per person, I was expecting RM30 per head. That is the usual price. But the place is air-conditioned. Anyone up for round two? The shop is located right behind Berjaya Times Square.


No. 53,55, Jalan Cangkat Thambi Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu, 55100, KL


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