Doctors Die Too

How’s that for a title?

This isn’t something macabre despite the doomed title. It’s just an article I read online. And since it struck quite close to home, I think I should share it with the rest. The article is written by Dr Ken Murray — How Doctors Die.

No one understands the moments right before death better than the doctors themselves. Especially the physicians. We deal with death almost daily. The common scenario was highlighted in the article.

A patient who was found unconscious and was wheeled into the emergency room. Family members are still in a shock. The first question that all medical staff would ask, “Do you want to do everything?”. Without ever highlighting what ‘everything’ meant. There’s a difference between ‘everything’ and ‘reasonable’.

The advancement of medicine has allowed patients to be ventilated, with tubes passing through them, some cutting-edge surgery to remove unwanted body parts, may prolong the life of the patient, but to what cost? Most doctors would not opt for these treatment even if they have the disease themselves.

So we are left to ponder, are we doing the right thing as doctors?


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