Restaurant Laterne

After our day-long train travel with a side excursion to Gruyères, we have finally arrived at the mountainous part of our Swiss trip — Interlaken. The guidebooks will say how this is a touristy place and it is true. Almost every shop here is catered for tourists, since we look like Chinese, they even have shopkeepers that are willing to speak in Mandarin, just for your sake. Probably one of the firsts in Switzerland, hearing a non-native language.

Most guidebooks would suggest a stay high up in the mountains, but we had other plans besides a trip into the Bernese Oberland, so we decided to stay in Interlaken. It is after all, just a half-hour trip into the mountains. And we have the Swiss Pass, so train travel is covered.

“Enough talk, let’s eat,” grumbled GC.

The outside

The outside

Restaurant Laterne is located in the suburbs of Obere Bönigstrasse right in front of the sports arena. Away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist centre. We were early and it was just after a slight drizzle. Not a good sign, this raining.

The inside

The inside

The restaurant is huge! It can probably sit around 50-60 patrons at one go. It is decorated with some of the local sport stars, a kind of wrestling-type of sport. Not familiar to my eyes. But we were here for the food. There were only 2-3 other tables that were seated, so we were being attended to almost immediately. For our sake, they had the menu in English.

“Just our lucky day,” Mom said.

We were here on the recommendation to try their special. A mixed-plate of veal, beef, pork and chicken breast. It was so good that we had another helping, after initially ordering only two!

Laternespiess CHF36.50

Laternespiess CHF 36.50

“Maybe it’s just because we didn’t have a proper lunch,” Dad added.


Mom wanted something different so she went for the pork steak, the Schweinssteak.

Schweinssteak CHF34.50

Schweinssteak CHF 34.50

“To top it off, let us try some fish too!” exclaimed the wife.

So with that, we had almost all the meats that was on offer. Although I wanted to tell her that there was no sea nearby and this was most probably the fish from the lake.

Fischteller CHF 33.80

Fischteller CHF 33.80

If you read TripAdvisor before coming, you might have been put off by their comments about the service. I for one, do not know what was so irritating about it. To me, service is prompt in taking orders and serving, plus maybe the cleaning up and offering desserts. I don’t want someone to hunker over me every ten minutes. In my opinion, the restaurant served us well. The food was delicious.

The bill? CHF193. For five dishes and four drinks.

People should just smile more during holidays

People should just smile more during holidays







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