Auberge de Rivaz

The time was almost seven in the evening when we arrived at Rivaz. Rivaz is a really small village. Made popular due to its close proximity to the Lavaux Vineyards. It is a good place to wind down the day and that was what we chose to do.

The place? Auberge de Rivaz.

A quaint little shop just across from the train station and by the side of the main road. We were early. Being the only customers in the restaurant besides a bunch of birds awaiting to have a peck at our bread. We chose to sit outside to enjoy the nice weather.

Caille des Dombes

Caille des Dombes

I ordered some quail, it wasn’t something that we could find back in Malaysia. It tastes like chicken basically and the sauce was thick and creamy. Would most probably had more if it weren’t for the price. CHF43.50.

The wife went for something less adventurous — veal. CHF46.50. Period. Haha!

Côté de Veau Fermier

Côté de Veau Fermier

The meal was great albeit a bit on the expensive side. There were no other nearby choices around, although we could still hop onto the train and have our meal back in Lausanne, we didn’t. I didn’t come all the way just to skimp on food. We had the time, as compared to our last Europe trip, so it was time to sit back and relax.

Most people would choose to have their meals with wine, but unfortunately, I’m no wine connoisseur myself, so we settled for some hot chocolate as the day became colder.

Our dinner? CHF100 for two.

Our dinner? CHF100 for two.

All in, I would still recommend this place if you’re in the vicinity and if it’s within your budget. The service was pleasant and fast, probably because we were the only ones there but we had company later on. Locals from what I suspect. Most would just have wine and some salad, but I think their dishes are quite the attraction too.


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