Swiss Bliss Day 2 (Part 2)

We finished off the Cathedral slightly early, the Musée Historique de Lausanne haven’t even open yet. Opening hours 11am-5pm. We had 15 minutes left to spare. No worries, we just plopped ourselves down at the benches overlooking the town. If you’re thirsty, there is a water fountain nearby. I found something even more interesting.

“Ever heard of Space Invaders?” I asked.

“Some sort of game I suppose,” answered GC. “Why?”

“What I was referring to was the secretive art peppered all over the European countries, mainly in Paris. The project caught on and can now be seen across the world.” I replied.

“Where is it? Or more importantly, what is it?” QS queried.

“Come look over the edge,” I said.

The invasion has started!

The invasion has started!

The Musée Historique de Lausanne is located next to the cathedral, so you could actually kill two birds with one stone by coming here. If you’re interested, the Mudac is also located here.

Both the Mudac and the Musée Historique de Lausanne is covered by the Swiss Pass. Hence it is free.

“The what?” asked Mom.

“Mudac. Museum of design and contemporary arts.”

“Oh. More art to confuse us,” she answered.

The museum is located across three floors and depicts how Lausanne developed until it was today. Having had my fair share of Game of Thrones prior to visiting this museum, you should excuse me if I seem overly giddy at the scale model of old Lausanne. It does look like King’s Landing.

King's Landing? (click to enlarge)

King’s Landing? (click to enlarge)

Remembered the notion that Lausanne is located on top of a hilly slope, and you can’t really rely on the map to get an exact idea how many stairs you need to climb up? This can be seen quite significantly at Pont Bessières. A bridge with a bridge underneath it.

“Nah, that can’t be possible,” replied Dad.

Nothing is impossible. (click to enlarge)

Nothing is impossible. (click to enlarge)

Coming from the top of the hill, which is where the cathedral is located. We crossed this particular bridge into the area well known for its eateries and shopping. But before we hit the stores, we have to settle our rumbling stomachs.

Étoile Blanche

The only burgers we have seen so far are from McDonald’s back home and some local version of it. Wait till you see the size of these m–f– burgers.

“Mind your language!” reminded the wife. “Kids could be reading this.”

We ordered two each of the Burger du Chef and the Burger de L’Étoile. The difference? The former comes with bacon and salad, whilst the latter with onions and tomatoes. The best part? No price difference. Both costs CHF19.50.

L'Étoile burger and a huge bucket of fries!

L’Étoile burger and a huge bucket of fries!

Trust me, your mouth can’t handle the size of the burger. Do you know why it comes with a stick in it? The stick will hold on to the burger while you slice it open with your knife. Ensuring that all the layers stay in place!

“Smart!” I said.

Tip: Best to order one first. We ended up having to take away.

Ooo la la!

Ooo la la!

How to digest all that meat? Easy, get some fibres in!



The price of the meal? CHF100 for the six of us. Remember, we only ordered for five. And even so, there were only four burgers. And two drinks. Stingy.

Étoile Blanche

Étoile Blanche

Place Benjamin-Constant

1005 Lausanne

(to be continued)





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