There is just these 3 letters to described what happened in the last two weeks that I went missing in Switzerland.

1) Wow! Because of the punctuality

I have encountered some European punctuality during my last Europe trip but the Swiss really blew my mind. Step off the train and there’s the connecting bus waiting for you. Hop on the tram and you will arrive at the interchange just before the next tram that you need comes along. Nothing is more than a five minute wait, unless you’re taking some long distance trains. It was so easy to plan everything, we just have to be present at the stop just before the time comes.

2) Wow! Because of the scenery

Everyone has been bragging about the beautiful scenery in Switzerland. Mind you, we haven’t even been to the skiing parts yet! But the rest of the place was really breathtaking. Small towns hugging the shores of the lake, towns amongst the vineyards, towns in between and above the valleys of the Bernese Oberland. Even if you are no fan of towns, the modern vibe of Geneva and Zurich could still be knocking on your door. The best part is, if you don’t like it there, another different scenery is just a train travel away!

3) Wow! Because of the diversity

Switzerland is basically a mash-up of French-speaking, German-speaking, Italian-speaking and Romansch-speaking people. And with that they bring together a collection of food that could be different as the sun and the moon as we went from the west of Switzerland towards the east. Menu changed from French to German. Even the simple daily conversation actually changes. It reminded me of my country where we too are a mash-up of different cultures and religions, all leaving harmoniously together.

4) Wow! Because of the snobbishness

I have read posts about the way the people in Switzerland react to foreigners, especially those that don’t speak the local language well. We had our fair share of those especially from the waiters and waitress. I must apologize if I offend any Swiss that is reading this. I meant it in a good way. I think they just love their jobs a lot, and they wouldn’t want to be seen getting orders from anyone else. It takes a bit of getting used to but since I was in a holiday mood, it didn’t affect me that much.

5) Wow! Because of the price difference

Despite being just neighbours with France and Germany (I went to Switzerland via Paris and back via Frankfurt). The absolute price difference between the Euro and the Swiss Franc was quite shocking. Thank god for stores like Migros and Coop. Even so, the difference was still startling. We also had our fair shares of shock during dining. A bottle (sometimes only a glass) of Rivella was at least four times the price in the restaurant as compared to the ones we could get in Migros or Coop. In the end, being the cheapskate that I am, we shared our drinks.


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