Relax While Traveling

Ever experienced a ‘travel hungover’? The feeling of deadbeat and exhaustion after a long vacation? My European tour last year almost felt like one. Imagine this, I was planning for a vacation to unwind from work, but came back highly strung. But even so, I enjoyed every minute of it, each and every single crazy one. No regrets.

Maybe I should have follow the tips below.

1) Switch off the technology

We are now basically so wired up that it is kind of hard to unhook ourselves from the Internet. You name it, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…etc. Not to mention the games or apps that we play with every working day. To avoid all these, turn off instant notification, stay away from the data roaming and just enjoy the vacation.

2) Look away from the viewfinder

I’m probably half guilty of this (only half mind you!). To a photography nut, this is called ‘chimping’, an act of checking the viewfinder after each shot. I think it is instinct to capture every single thing on camera, now that it’s digital and we don’t even need film. SD cards are a dime a dozen and we can just shoot away. What to do? Sometimes, we need to experience the place rather than catching it in a photo.

3) Overplanning

Hands up if you’re guilty of this. I am the typical Type A, obsessive/compulsive, must-do-everything kind of person when it comes to planning. Don’t blame me, blame the place. It is probably a thousand kilometres to Europe from where I’m staying. The Euro is four times as expensive as my local currency, it’s not like I will be there every year, hence the overplanning.

For those of you who aren’t, I salute you. For those that chose the travel agent’s all-in package, you’re smart. Why do the job when you can let others do it for you? Vacation is all about letting it all go and relaxing.

4) Go somewhere you know

A typical cure for the item above is to take a vacation at a place that you’re familiar with. In that case, you don’t have to visit every single sights or try out every single thing there. Public transport? Piece of cake. Getting lost? No such worry. That is what I always do when I needed a quick getaway. My destination? Kuala Lumpur. Not necessarily the best place to unwind, considering I have a lot of sunny beaches to choose from, which are nearer. But there, everything is within a 5-minute drive from the apartment. Good food, air conditioning and great companionship. What else?

5) Staycation

The catchphrase for most people who are too caught up to plan, no budget to travel and no time to take a leave. A long weekend is probably what you need. Just sleep in and unwind at home. It helps a bit if you have a beachfront house, but that’s just asking too much. Read the book that you have put off for so long. Go cash in on the spa and massage treatment. Or just stroll along the neighbourhood. Priceless.

Share your relaxing methods!


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