A Trip To Hong Kong (Part 4)

Sorry for the delay. Thought I had the photos but after digging through the old SD cards, I still couldn’t find them. Anyway, back on topic, we’re talking about shopping today. Shopping, probably not the first thing that comes to mind during travelling but believe me, Hong Kong is the place to buy stuffs.

Apliu Street

Take the MTR to Sham Shui Po MTR (Exit D), here you will find bargain-priced new and second-hand electronic devices, AV equipment and telecommunications products. If you have been to a flea market anywhere else in the world, this is the Hong Kong version. Opens daily and specifically catered to the gadgets and gizmos. Be prepared to haggle for what you want and don’t be surprise if you see a similar looking brand name product selling at a discount. These are really classy imitation of the real ones. If you can’t read Mandarin, please make sure that the seller changes the default language to English for you.

Flower Market & Goldfish Market

As their names show, these are the places to go to if you are looking for flowers or fishes. Even if you’re not, it is worth a visit just to ogle at the displays. Exit at Prince Edward MTR Exit B1/B2 to get to these places.

Looking for the perfect flower to send to that special someone? Come to Flower Market Road. You will be able to choose from over 100 different species and types, from the common to the exotic. We Chinese are quite particular about buying flowers, especially during the Chinese New Year festival and also on the various auspicious days sprinkled throughout the Gregorian calendar.

Flower Market (courtesy of discoverhongkong.com)

Flower Market (courtesy of discoverhongkong.com)

Tung Choi Street North is where you will find the Goldfish Market. Noticed the lack of housing areas with gardens? A dog or a cat is no pet for the high rise condominiums or apartments. Goldfishes, on the other hand though, is perfect to keep as a pet. Not only will it lend a splash of colour to your aquarium, it brings luck to the family too. Or so the Cantonese believe. Don’t act so surprised if you found one that you like but getting stumped by its exorbitant price.

Tung Choi Street (Ladies’ Market)

This is the perfect remedy for your significant other who was forced to follow you around through the meetings, museums and other male-related stuffs while in Hong Kong. Just direct them to Tung Choi Street, exit E2 from the Mong Kok MTR station. I bet you your bottom dollar that this is the only place where they will never be lost.

About 1 kilometre worth of shops selling bargain clothes, accessories and even souvenirs. Be prepared to haggle or talk your way into getting what you want at jaw-dropping prices. If you are a collector of various trinkets, this could be the place where you complete the rest of your collection.

For the guys who are forced to follow, just leave her and head on the parallel road called Fa Yuen Street. This is where you get to choose your favourite shoes to your heart’s content. If you know what you are looking for, you might even find one of those limited editions over here!

Temple Street Night Market

I have been to flea markets in Australia and in Europe, but nothing beats the Temple Street Night Market. Yes, you heard me (or actually read it). If you’re a shopaholic then you mustn’t miss this. Besides the previous few streets mentioned above, which could possibly take up most of your day, you could still carry on shopping by just walking here.

Take the MTR to Yau Ma Tei, Exit C. If you find this place familiar, that’s because you must have seen it in the movies. Wares on sale here? Trinkets, souvenirs, tea wares, electronics, menswear, watches and antiques. Even if you get hungry from all the shopping, there are food stalls aplenty. But don’t expect to have walls around you though. You sit and eat by the roadside, just like the locals.


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  1. The street probably started out as a street where the local women went shopping for bargain clothing, small household items, and stuff that typically women would shop for.


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