Rome Day 3 (Part 3)

“It’s finally night time,” QS said.

We were sitting around a Chinese restaurant, courtesy of my parents, they have had enough of cheese and Italian pasta.

“Tomorrow is the last day,” quipped GC. Time sure flies. Two weeks ago, we were on the flight from KL to Paris, now we’re just 18 hours away from our flight back to KL from Rome via Heathrow. Yes, that’s courtesy of MAS Airlines, who suddenly decided to forgo all direct flights from Rome back to KL, AFTER we had bought the tickets.

There is one good thing about Rome, and that’s their night scenery, all the ancient history and architectures are light up at night and this portrays them in a different light all by themselves, pun intended.

Night view of Trajan's Forum (click to enlarge)

Night view of Trajan’s Forum (click to enlarge)

“There is only one drawback when it comes to night time photography, the camera shake,” said GC. He is the resident expert on cameras.

“Luckily I brought along my Gorillapod, flexible lightweight tripod stand,” I replied.

We had a few more sights to catch whilst it was dark, including the famous Colosseum. A brief walk along Trajan’s Forum on a starry moonlit sky in Rome, is the sort of thing that you’ll find written in guidebooks, so naturally, it is a must-do, cliché as it seems.

Colosseum at night (click to enlarge)

Colosseum at night (click to enlarge)

It takes time to set up the tripod stand and to get a nice non-blurry picture, but it was well worth it. Previously I was saying that the Rome skyline wasn’t as interesting as Paris, that was in the day, but at night, Rome becomes a different place, those orange hues from the lights placed at certain areas amongst the ancient ruins, makes Rome a photographer’s delight.

Nighttime in Rome (click to enlarge)

Nighttime in Rome (click to enlarge)

We retired back to our apartment at around 9pm. We had some packing to do and some rearrangements needed to find more space for our souvenirs.

Ciuri Ciuri

I located a bread shop nearby for our early morning breakfast before the flight. You can either order in or take away, the ambiance is typical for a roadside cafe although Ciuri Ciuri is actually tucked away on a quiet road, not much of people watching though.

They have a couple of shops scattered around Rome

They have a couple of shops scattered around Rome

Croissant from Ciuri Ciuri

Croissant from Ciuri Ciuri

Rome Conclusions

Historical buffs will find this place a heaven, they can choose from the numerous Roman museums or the world famous Vatican Museum. Architectural buffs too. There is plenty of walking involve if you plan on seeing the other side of Rome, especially places like Trastevere.

Those that enjoy a siesta or want a slice of the Roman La Dolce Vita, can find those aplenty here. Just sit by any roadside cafe and watch the world go by. The weather when we were there was a tad too hot for us, even though we come from a particularly sunny and hot climate.

All in all, it was a good way to end our European tour with a nice and relaxing three days spent in Rome.






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