Rome Day 3 (Part 2)

Luckily we had on our hats. The sun shone down brightly on us as we started walking towards Castel Sant’Angelo. There were plenty of tourists milling about on Via della Conciliazone. Everyone was with their sunshades and umbrellas.

“Can’t imagine this. We had rain and cold weather previously and now sun?” queried the wife.

“You’re talking about Paris and Amsterdam, that’s like a few hundred miles away from here, towards the north,” I replied.

Everyone here enjoys walking in the sun

At the end of the street, we arrived at Castel Sant’Angelo. We have had enough of museums and history facts, time to just sit back and relax. So we found ourselves a hot dog and burger stand with seats just right in front of the place, alongside the river. Ordered some burgers and start to watch people walk by.

I just couldn’t imagine that anyone would prefer to walk in such a weather back home, but here, everyone is enjoying the sun.

Castel Sant'Angelo (click to enlarge)

Castel Sant’Angelo (click to enlarge)

Having had our rest, we returned back to Piazza del Popolo, which we passed by earlier in the day via Ponte Cavour and Via del Corso. Since it was a Saturday, the roads were closed to all traffic, turning the place into a walking shopper’s paradise. You have your brand names and shops selling a variety of wares along Via del Corso.

We climbed up a small hill to have another view of St Peter’s Basilica. I felt that it was the only landmark besides the Colosseum that was worth taking photos of. Luckily the houses and buildings in the ancient part of Rome were not that tall, so we could enjoy the skyline.

St Peter from Popolo (click to enlarge)

St Peter from Popolo (click to enlarge)

There were a couple of youths taking part in some ‘giant’ boardgames, of chess, snakes and ladders, and various other games. Too bad we don’t speak a word of Italian, otherwise this would have been fun. Although the weather might not be so kind, luckily there were trees alongside the road for our walk towards the Spanish Steps.

“I think instead of putting on weight from so much cheese, I have actually lost all of it through walking,” claimed the wife.

Spanish Steps (click to enlarge)

Spanish Steps (click to enlarge)

“Look at them enjoying the sun yet again,” I exclaimed.

Pointing at the huge crowd of tourists and Romans alike, all basking underneath the sunlight. Sitting on the steps and enjoying the crowd watching. We found ourselves a small corner near some flowering bushes that provided some shade from the sun but not from the heat. The whole of Rome has been one big fun underneath the sun during our three days spent here.

It was time for some gelato to cool ourselves down. Most of you would have probably heard of the famous Giolitti brand of gelato, which I would say that you should give it a try. There is no such thing as a perfect gelato, everything tastes almost the same when you’re feeling hot and looking for something to cool down. But the problem with Giolitti is with the queue. So if you’re feeling up for it, for something slightly different, then head on down to Piazza della Maddalena, located just a few blocks from the Pantheon.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.



Oh my god!

Oh my god!

I do agree that Giolitti might have more varieties to choose from but San Crispino nails it down to the texture and taste. We even had an ad hoc musical dance just outside the shop while we enjoyed our ice creams.

It was almost late afternoon when we arrive at the Pantheon. There was a church service being held, so visitors were not allowed. We sat outside watching the world go by yet again. The service was finally over at 5pm, and everyone rushed in, since it was free.

The Occulus

The Occulus

(to be continued)





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