You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

Dove, the beauty products company, hired Gil Zamora, a FBI-trained forensic sketch artist, to help with a social experiment on self-perception. The premise of the idea was that Zamora would sketch the person according to how she described herself, then he would sketch another picture of the same person but from a stranger’s perspective.

Want to know what happened? Watch this. Or read this.

This social experiment opened the eyes of the few women who were featured in the video. They often see themselves as sad and less beautiful than as described by strangers. We are often our harshest critics. I’m not sure how many did Dove chose for the project, but they only showed us some of it, say around 10 different persons in the video. What I would like to know was there anyone who saw themselves differently? Or that the description by the stranger was actually not what the real person looked like. The outliers if you would.

Someone would probably highlight that the Dove advertisement actually promotes a different kind of beauty subconsciously. If you pay close attention to the description by the strangers, they often focus on the eyes, the skin tone, the facial shape and what is perceived by the stranger to be ‘beautiful’. Whereas the person themselves would usually describe things that the normal stranger didn’t notice, moles, freckles and their age. Dove seemed to be highlighting the fact that being thin, fair-skinned and young is far more desirable than the rest.

I wouldn’t condemn Dove based on such facts, but just so you know, there are other things beside beauty that are as equally, or more, important. Beauty is after all only skin deep.


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