Rome Day 2 (Part 2)

After enjoying the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, we were ushered/guided back to the Vatican Museum. On certain days, the passageway towards St. Peter’s Basilica would be opened, but not for today.

On certain days, the passageway to St Peter’s Basilica would be opened from the Sistine Chapel

“Aw shucks! Not opened?” said the wife.

“No worries, we have other things to do,” I said.

“We can always come back tomorrow, which was also part of the plan.”

Tip: If you have been reading the news, a new Pope was just recently chosen. When the cardinals use this room to elect the Pope, there’s a spot at the far-right corner with your back to the altar, this is where they put the small stove for ballot burning. As you all know, white smoke means a pope has been chosen.

The only advantage with not entering the St Peter’s Basilica was that you could view the Pinacoteca (Painting Gallery). Obviously, if compared to the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, these paintings could be considered as a delicious tidbit after a heavy dinner.

Buy some postcards and send them back home, via Poste Vaticane

Tip: Buy yourself some postcards from the Vatican City souvenir shop and post them back home. You will get yourself a nice Vatican City postmarked postcard to keep. My suggestion is to get the one with the Sistine Chapel and The Last Judgment postcards, since you can’t take photos of the place.

St Peter's Basilica (click to enlarge)

St Peter’s Basilica (click to enlarge)

Walking along the Vatican City walls, we soon came to the famous St Peter’s Square. The queue here appears to be as long as the one at the entrance to the Vatican Museum. No doubt due to the fact that entrance is free. But at least the lines were moving real fast. It is actually a queue for the security check.

Rome was getting a lot of sunshine at this time of the year, we ditched the jackets and drank some water. We are on a hike towards Trastevere via one of Rome’s seven hills — Janiculum Hill.

St Peter's Square panorama (click to enlarge)

St Peter’s Square panorama (click to enlarge)

The hike took us about 20 minutes from St Peter’s Square. Rather unsurprisingly, we were the only ones along the road. We were greeted by Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, it was a major fountain on the left bank of the Tiber and it also serves as the inspiration for the Trevi Fountain.

Fontana dell'Acqua Paola

Fontana dell’Acqua Paola

We sat down near the fountain and dipped our hands into the icy cool water. Cracked out a few of the power bars, we needed the strength to go downhill in search of food. That was what we felt like. The view from the Janiculum Hill was what I would refer to as bland.

“Bland?” said the wife.

“There was nothing much except the higher buildings and architecture of the past,” I replied.

This is what we saw (click to enlarge)

This is what we saw (click to enlarge)

“Not what you were expecting right? After the views of Paris, Venice and maybe even Munich,” I said.

“It isn’t that bad,” said the wife.

Lost In Style

Lost In Style

(to be continued)


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