Yet Con Chicken Rice

Another of Singapore’s well-known dish is the chicken rice, and nobody does it better than the Hainanese. Hence they are usually known as Hainanese Chicken Rice. Fortunately (or rather, unfortunately), there are a few household names when it comes to this particular Hainanese cuisine. I leave it to you to ask around the locals, as each of them have their own preference.

Hainanese chicken rice are a dime a dozen in Singapore, ask around.

To reduce the bias, I chose Yet Con because it was located in the vicinity that I found myself at, around 7pm dinner time. This isn’t part of the usual tourist area although it was quite near to the Raffles Hotel.

Even the paint is chipped

Even the paint is chipped

According to the owner, the shop has been around since the 1940s, and looking at the servers and the old guy behind the counter, I would say that they have probably been working since then too. Seating space is at a premium, so you might have to arrive slightly earlier, or that you have to wait in line. Unlike other Western establishment in which you could call earlier to reserve a spot, there is no such arrangement here.

A plate of Yet Con chicken rice

A plate of Yet Con chicken rice

The chicken is slightly on the chewy side as compared to the rest and the soy sauce is at a bare minimum (none at all). If you are fluent in Hainanese or Mandarin, you could even specify the selected parts of the chicken meat that you prefer, much like the Western steak.

The chicken is on the chewy side, which is good for the facial muscles, so I’ve heard

Oh my arteries!

Oh my arteries!

There are a couple of side dishes that you could order, particularly the roast pork. Unfortunately, these aren’t healthy food so you might need to cut down or order another plate of vegetables to go with it. They also serve steamboat if you prefer that but I was here for the chicken rice.

I am not complaining but you need to put up with the attitude of the servers while you are here. Since they are as old or maybe more so than the shop itself, they have little tolerance for any change in their daily routine. Be prepared to see or hear some cursing and complaining in Hainanese. On the day of my visit, there was this particular lady who was in a foul mood. But it didn’t spoil my mood.

The price for my plate of chicken rice and roast pork? S$10.80. Service was pretty fast despite the number of patrons. Do drop by if you have the chance!

25 Purvis Street

11am to 930pm




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