My iPhone 5

I finally made the plunge early this year by buying my first ever smartphone — the iPhone 5. I have been an Apple fan boy ever since they made those neon coloured iMacs but back then, as a student, it was an unaffordable splurge to get an iMac. It wasn’t until they made the 4th generation iPod that I finally came to own one of Apple’s products. That was then followed by the 2008 iMac, which I have now changed to the 2012 iMac.

I am not going to go into an in-depth review of the iPhone 5 capabilities and what-nots, those you could probably glean from the various tech-related blogs and websites out there which are fully devoted to researching the pros and cons of each Apple product. What I am about to share is my opinion from a layperson’s first contact with a smartphone which fortunately (or unfortunately for Samsung fans) turned out to be the iPhone 5.

I bought the 32GB white version and my first impression was the weight. Compared to my previous phones, this was the only phone which after one month of using, I was still sub-consciously touching my pocket to see if it was still there. The extra screen space is also good for reading and for browsing the Internet. Camera-wise, it is easy, since you don’t have to lug around the huge DSLR of yours everywhere. My only gripe would be the battery life, but since I have never had a smartphone before, I’ve found out that it is actually quite common to charge the phone at least once a day (used to be once every 3-4 days with my old phone).

The Apps

First of all, I hated the boring icons for the stock apps that comes with the iPhone. Not to mention the fact that there are some in which I won’t be using. Some suggested to open up a folder and dump all of them into it but I have found a better way. In fact, you don’t even need to jailbreak the phone either! All you need to do is just point your phone browser to PassHack, follow the instructions and voila! No more stock apps unless you restart your phone.

Sums: My workplace is filled with Samsung fans, so I needed something to show off the iPhone’s ingenuity. The easiest that I came up with was Sums, a gesture-based simple calculator. With just one swipe, I can multiply, divide, add and subtract.

Start: This paid ($0.99) application is easy and pleasing on the eyes, not to mention that you can also set it to open up your apps for that early morning wake up call. What I like most is the countdown timer of your sleep time once you activate it.

Camera Awesome: This is like the basic Camera app but on steroids. You can compose and edit your photos all within one application. Heck, you can even use it together with the famous Instagram.

Partly Cloudy: This is an award-winning paid ($1.99) application that makes the boring weather forecast into a smart-looking infographic. You want the weather in 2 hours time? No problem, just turn the dial.

Clear: For a to-do app that is simple and with a minimalistic-looking UI, look no further. With just a swipe or a pinch, you can manage multiple to-do lists, all on your iPhone. One of the apps ($1.99) on the 2012 App Store Collection list.

Pocket: Another top app on the 2012 App Store Collection list. Formerly known as Read It Later, this simple app makes offline reading all the more easier as it can sync from your phone’s browser, your desktop browser or even from a list of about 300+ apps!

Appsgonefree: Stingy? Looking to download something for free? This is the must-have app on your iPhone. Bringing you the daily free stuffs from the App Store, and not just any free stuff, they will screen through the reviews and only suggesting the higher rated ones. There’s only one small problem if you’re not from the US, some apps are free for the US iTunes only.

Squarespace Note: Record your ideas on the fly with this simple note-taking app. Swipe to send your note to your e-mail, Evernote or Dropbox account.

Sudoku: This is unlike any other sudoku apps out there, but a beautifully refined UI made for the Retina screen. Makes playing sudoku fun!

Jasmine: A YouTube client app with a better interface, not to mention smoother and more responsive.

Notable mentions include Evernote, Summly, Flipboard, StumbleUpon, Siege Hero and of course, Instagram.

Anyone would like to share their favourite apps? Paid or free?



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