Venice Day 1 (Part 4)

I apologize for the lack of photos in the previous post. We were low on batteries and were saving for the final itinerary of the day – San Giorgio Maggiore. We didn’t have time to charge the batteries due to the transport conundrum handed to us by DB Bahn. Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

We woke up from our short nap fully refreshed, it was 330pm in the afternoon and we had a long way to walk along Riva degli Schiavoni towards the vaporetto stops outside St Mark’s Square. We were supposed to meet up with the rest of the family there. The blistering sun took its toll on us, luckily, we saw this huge ice cream cone by the sidewalk — Il Pinguino (The Penguin).

“Beggars can’t be choosers,” said the wife.

“Alright, let’s go cool ourselves down with the famous Italian gelato,” I replied.

We parted with €2.50 each for a 2-scoop gelato and it was heaven for a hot day. Despite the huge numbers of tourists around the vaporetto stop, it wasn’t too hard to spot the rest of my family.

“Let us go somewhere with less crowd,” I suggested.


“Over there, across the lagoon.” I pointed towards a church-like structure.

Across the lagoon lies San Giorgio Maggiore and its famous church of the same name. Most tourists would never set foot here, preferring the much crowded St Mark’s Square. You can’t blame them, with the limited time they have, those are the important things to do in Venice. But if you have the time, try to make your way across the lagoon towards San Giorgio Maggiore, Giudecca or both.

The tower at the church of San Giorgio Maggiore charges €5 as compared to the €8 by the Campanile.

Having climbed the Campanile on St Mark’s Square for €8, the church at San Giorgio Maggiore will allow you to take a lift up their tower for just €5. A cheaper and less crowded alternative.

Doge Palace (click to enlarge)

Doge Palace (click to enlarge)

The church closes at around 5pm-6pm so be sure to time your visit just right. You can combine this visit with a short hop across to Giudecca, another long strip of an island next to San Giorgio Maggiore.

Rays of sunlight on Santa Maria della Salute (click to enlighten)

Rays of sunlight on Santa Maria della Salute (click to enlighten)

Giudecca (click to enlarge)

Giudecca (click to enlarge)

The church of San Giorgio Maggiore was built by Andrea Palladio and surprisingly, the interior windows are clear instead of the usual stained glass applied to other churches. You can try out the ‘echo’ effect while in the church, although I wouldn’t want to be too obvious, usually a cough or two would be sufficient.

Tip: There is one interesting artwork that you should have a look at inside the church, that is Tintoretto’s version of The Last Supper.

San Giorgio Maggiore (click to enlarge)

San Giorgio Maggiore (click to enlarge)

Tian Jin

Dinner with my parents is a bit less adventurous, so we had to settle for Chinese food. For tonight, we had our sights set on Tian Jin which is actually located just across from Osteria Antico Dolo. It was by luck that I saw the restaurant earlier in the day, so we didn’t have to wander far to find some proper Chinese food.

Typical of most Chinese establishment, the decor represents the culture with plenty of red and gold. We were seated promptly without any prior reservations, since we look typically Chinese, it wasn’t long before the proprietor of the place came over and had a quick chat. Probably a chance for him to catch up on his Mandarin.

Food was served pretty quick and taste the same as what we would have expected. It seems that the rest of my family didn’t have a proper lunch, hence we ordered 7-8 variety of dishes just to satisfy their hunger.

Despite the earlier set back when we arrived from Munich, our first day in Venice had been fun, we saw what we wanted, we got lost as usual and ended the day with some good food. The weather took a turn right after dinner and we had to walk back to the hotel in light rain.


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