Amsterdam : The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I forgot to list down a few unforgettable things whilst in Amsterdam for 3 days.

The Good


There is a variety of cuisine to choose from due to the Dutch being masters of the sea and trade back in the early days. They brought back a lot from the different cultures they met during their conquest. To any visitors going to Amsterdam, you won’t run out of choices for food.

Walkable City

Even if you don’t cycle in Amsterdam, the city is not too big to venture out on your own two feet. The streets in between the canals surrounded by nice Dutch architecture will make you go ooh and aah once in awhile. And if you’re anywhere near the ‘9 Streets’ area, that is the place to start walking.

The Bad

Abundance of museums

Other than the Van Gogh, the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank’s House, the rest of the museums can be considered as eclectic or worse, a tourist trap. It would not be a problem if you have the Museumcard or the iAmsterdam card. But if you don’t? Be aware that Amsterdam boasts about 100-150 museums just in the town area alone. Sex museum? Check. Handbags museum? Check.

Smell of marijuana/pot

Probably it is just me and the fact that these things are banned in my country. But whenever walking past the shops or person, the smell is just too much. Although it is not nauseating, it isn’t your eau de toilette either.

The Ugly


I have no idea whose brilliant plan it was to place public urinals around the city. Worse of all, most of them are overflowing and the trickling of piss can be seen around the immediate vicinity, not to mention the smell. A big turn off for such a fine city.

Why don’t you share some of your experience about Amsterdam in the comments below.


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