Hotel Condor @ Munich

Whilst at Munich, we stayed at Hotel Condor, which is within walking distance from Munich Hauptbahnhof. The area around the hotel is full of clubs and casinos but we were never bothered throughout our 2 nights’ stay. We initially wanted to stay at Hotel Eder but they were fully booked and surprisingly, they recommended this hotel.

Hotel Condor (click to enlarge)

Hotel Condor (click to enlarge)

Tip: Prices for the weekend is slightly higher than the usual room rates. If it falls on a day when there is football, expect to pay more. Or you could even find yourself without a place to stay.

The room itself is just nice for the both of us and our huge luggages. We were at the top floor, hence the small balcony on the right. One surprising thing which we found out about the balcony door is that it can be swiveled in two axis. You can open it just like you would for any door, or you could even flip it horizontally like a window. Impressive!

Sunny room (click to enlarge)

Sunny room (click to enlarge)

We had a shower instead of a bath and due to the sunroof, we were able to wash all our clothes which we kept from Paris and Amsterdam at one go and hung them all out to dry. It was godsend to see the sunlight.

The sunroof in the WC

The sunroof in the WC

The room came with complimentary breakfast and they were also kind enough to offer us breakfast on the day of arrival even when we haven’t checked in yet. If I am not mistaken, it was a continental breakfast. The only drawback which I could think of was the small lift, it was just big enough for the both of us with our 2 luggages. So to those with huge families, you would be spending some time going up and down these lifts.

All in, it was a good place to put our feet up during our time at Munich, the staff was courteous and they could speak English, which was a must for us!



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